Crusader Kings 3 Introduces Ruler Designer, Adding Full Customization

Look the part.
Look the part. Paradox Interactive

When they say you have to look the part, they weren’t kidding. To give players that chance, Crusader Kings 3 has released a free update which brings with it the Ruler Designer feature. This should allow everyone to try out full customization for their ruler.

Since Crusader Kings 3 was launched back in September, players have managed to hop into the shoes of different historical monarchs. With this new feature, players can now customize these rulers in different ways. Here are the steps to do the customization:

  • Players need to choose the starting realm of their ruler.
    • After that simply go into the designer.
  • ​Add traits and fine-tune skills.
    • Players can come up with a strategist or even an administrator.
  • ​Players can choose to play as male or female.
    • Players can also choose in-game culture, religion, and even sexual orientation.
  • ​Get the chance to customize the appearance through different options that include, among others, hair length, skin color, and eyebrow shape.

Being able to come up with unique characters had been a part of Crusader Kings 2 and became one of the most favorite expansions. With this update, players can now enjoy this feature in Crusader Kings 3.

Updates and Fixes

As mentioned, the Ruler Designer features arrived to the game through Patch 1.2. The patch itself offers some updates and fixes to the game. Highlights include:

  • Kill List that tracks the executions, battle slayings, and (known) murders by characters in the game.
  • UI Improvements to the Dynasty view.
  • Military Improvements that allow players to attach armies to their main force and prevent raising levies in a province beyond its supply limit.
  • Siberian Paganism added to the game as a new Faith.
  • Ugly characters now have more exaggerated facial features.
  • Changes to rules and options.
    • Nudity is now a game setting, not a rule.
    • The ruleset can now be configured to affect the frequency of AI matrilineal marriages.

Crusader Kings 3 is available for the PC through, among others, Steam and the Paradox Store, and is priced at $49.99. The game is the third in the Crusader Kings series and is set in the Middle Ages. Crusader Kings 3 has received positive reviews with a 91 score on Metacritic.

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