Explore Rifts in Space and Time as Stellaris Opens Up the Astral Planes

Enter the rift and experience something new. Paradox Interactive

The new expansion for Stellaris is now live. Titled as Astral Planes, this narrative-focused expansion is available for the PC and priced at $19.99. It offers players the chance to chart their very own path as they navigate the array of wonders and dangers. Get to travel through the rifts in space and time to take a peek at strange and new realities.

Indeed, with Astral Planes players get to learn more about a wide variety of unique sites. Each have properties and phenomena that's truly beyond the mundane. Players can look forward to facing fascinating and terrifying creatures while trying to uncover long-buried secrets. They can also choose to explore the true nature of their past with the Riftworld Origin.

The new expansion also lets players unlock new Technologies, Actions, and Relics, which can manipulate space and interact with the galaxy in unexpected ways. Be sure to explore new realms that's filled with mysteries and opportunities.

Branching Narratives

Players should be excited to know that for the first time in the game, they can now navigate the widely branching narratives through the dedicated interface. In particular, it's been designed to specifically maximize the effects of the choices made by the players.

The Astral Planes are truly full of surprises and there's going to be hard choices that are necessary to reach the desired outcome. Players need to make the right decision for their empire and chart a course that fits their play style.

Astral Rifts

The branching narratives are made possible through the Astral Rifts, where more than 30 have been added with the new expansion. Compared to the relative safety of Archaeology sites, these Rifts lead to completely different realms of existence, where fundamentals that were certain at home may not always be true.

Pyxis Patch

Launching alongside this new expansion is update 3.10. The Pyxis Patch is free and aside from the usual updates and bug fixes, it also implements, among others, Leaders and updates on the civics, traditions trees, and ascension perks linked to these leaders.

Stellaris is a 4X grand strategy video game first released for the PC in May 2016. The game was then launched for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in February 2019.

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