EVE Online: Patch 20.07 Finally Removes Gate Rats in Nullsec

Patch 20.07
Patch 20.07 CCP Games

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re just minding your own business in Nullsec when suddenly, a group of pirates started shooting at you? These annoying “gate rats” have finally been removed from Nullsec in Patch 20.07 for EVE Online.

Gate rats in EVE Online are NPC pirates commonly found in asteroid belts and gates near the Nullsec space. While these space pirates can be eliminated for ISK, the game’s main form of currency, they can be very annoying at times.

Well, that is about to change as Patch 20.07 has essentially removed them near the gates in Nullsec.

Aside from that, a new Desolate Asteroid Belt beacon has been added to every system in Nullsec. This serves as an additional spawn point for asteroid NPCs. Moreover, in systems with no asteroid belts, the Desolate Asteroid Belts serve as the only spawn point for asteroid NPCs, Commander NPCs, and Officer NPCs.

You can read the other things implemented in Patch 20.07 below:

  • Removed Jump Clone Cooldown when swapping clones at NPC stations
  • Marauders may now be Warp Disrupted or Warp Scrambled by NPCs while in Bastion Mode
  • Inventory
    • The layout of the inventory window has been updated to give your items slightly more space. The VIPs and Scientists can now sufficiently party.
    • Added the ability to toggle the inventory's location sidebar while in compact mode. You'll find the option in the "More" menu in the top-right of the window.
    • Added the ability to change the inventory view mode while in compact mode. You'll find the view mode options in the window's top-right "More" menu.
    • Improved the speed and smoothness of scrolling in the inventory when drag-selecting items.
    • The "hit-box" of items in the inventory has been reduced to only include the item icon itself, not the name label.
    • Updated the item selection highlight to make it easier to see when blueprints and ships are selected.
  • User Interface
    • Selecting Types in Tab Presets of Overview Settings no longer refreshes the window and repositions to the top of the window.
    • Full screen windows can no longer be opened more than twice.
    • Re-added the date and time to the Calendar tooltip.
    • Repeatedly pressing the shortcut for the Neocom Menu no longer causes some icons on the Neocom to appear grayed out.
    • Sorting the button icons at the top of the Info Panel now works correctly.

The full patch notes can be found here.

EVE Online Patch 20.07 is available on PC.

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