EVE Online: Patch 20.06 Features AIR Career Program for New Capsuleers

Patch 20.06
Patch 20.06 CCP Games

Patch 20.06 for EVE Online is now available, and the main highlight is a new feature that helps neophyte Capsuleers explore various career paths and try out different play styles that suit their preference.

The AIR Career Program is a new feature in EVE Online that allows Capsuleers to complete activities and achieve goals in different careers. Four careers are available in this program: the Explorer, Industrialist, Enforcer, and Soldier of Fortune. Those who like PvE combat, for example, may choose the Enforcer as activities in this career are centered toward PvE, missions, and the Abyssal Deadspace.

Completing certain goals rewards Capsuleers with Career Points - a measurement of progression in the AIR Career Program. Capsuleers earn 1,000 Career Points in each career, 4,000 in total. Moreover, they are rewarded with some skill points. Here is the breakdown:

  • 4 x 100,000 SP for graduating from each Career
  • 50,000 SP for reaching 750 CP overall
  • 75,000 SP for reaching 1,500 CP overall
  • 100,000 SP for reaching 2,250 CP overall
  • 125,000 SP for reaching 3,000 CP overall

Once the Capsuleer graduates from a career, they will be given new skins. Here is a rundown:

  • Magnate Aspirant Explorer SKIN
  • Heron Aspirant Explorer SKIN
  • Imicus Aspirant Explorer SKIN
  • Probe Aspirant Explorer SKIN
  • Astero Aspirant Explorer SKIN
  • Venture Aspirant Industrialist SKIN
  • Retriever Aspirant Industrialist SKIN
  • Procurer Aspirant Industrialist SKIN
  • Covetor Aspirant Industrialist SKIN
  • Omen Aspirant Enforcer SKIN
  • Caracal Aspirant Enforcer SKIN
  • Thorax Aspirant Enforcer SKIN
  • Rupture Aspirant Enforcer SKIN
  • Phantasm Aspirant Soldier SKIN
  • Cynabal Aspirant Soldier SKIN
  • Orthrus Aspirant Soldier SKIN
  • Stratios Aspirant Soldier SKIN

Capsuleers can also earn additional rewards, including free Expert Systems for each career. They are:

  • Free AIR Explorer Expert System: all frigates from all four Empires, scanning and hacking skills
  • Free AIR Industrialist Expert System: all haulers from all four Empires, mining, reprocessing, manufacturing, salvaging, and trading skills
  • Free AIR Enforcer Expert System: all frigates and destroyers from all four Empires, armor, shields, missiles, drones, projectile turrets, hybrid turrets, and energy turrets skills
  • Free AIR Soldier of Fortune Expert System: all frigates from all four Empires, armor, shields, missiles, drones, projectile turrets, hybrid turrets, energy turrets, electronic warfare modules, and remote assistance modules.

All of the rewards from the AIR Career Program are provided through the Redeeming Window.

Patch 20.06 brings a wealth of changes, improvements, and bug fixes, which you can read on the official website.

EVE Online is available on PC.

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