Eve Online: The Rorqual Can Now Perform a Conduit Jump in Patch 20.04

Patch 20.04
Patch 20.04 Twitter/@EveOnline

The Rorqual, a capital industrial ship in EVE Online, can now perform a conduit jump, thanks to a newly introduced module in Patch 20.04.

Capital industrial ships like the Rorqual are designed to assist in the movement of ore and various mining operations. It’s able to compress the ore of nearby ships in the mining fleet as well.

That said, Patch 20.04 introduces a new module called the Industrial Jump Portal Generator that allows the Rorqual to perform a Conduit Jump up to 30 passengers. A Conduit Jump is where a ship (in this case, the Rorqual) acts as the anchor and brings nearby ships with it to bridge to a Cyno Beacon.

Another major change in this update is that all of the skins you receive from the daily rewards system are now permanent. Furthermore, the system will now automatically check what skins you currently have, so it can give you those that you still haven’t acquired.

Patch Highlights

  • Standup Point Defense Battery I
    • The module itself has had its damage per cycle reduced by 50% (250 damage of each type from 500)
    • In a future patch this month (scheduled April 19th) it will require ammunition to fire, from now until then you will be able to build and acquire the necessary ammunition for the module
    • The new ammunition is “Standup Flak Rounds I”
  • Standup Guided Bomb Launcher modules
    • The guided bomb launcher modules can now only be fit to Large and Extra Large Upwell Structures
    • Tech I module has had its capacity reduced to 300m3 from 1000m3 (now holds 3 bombs)
    • Tech II module has had its capacity reduced to 400m3 from 1300m3 (now holds 4 bombs)
    • Reload time for both Tech I and II has been increased to 60s (was 10 seconds)
    • Standup Heavy and Light Guided Bombs have had their bomb radius reduced to 20km (was 30km)
  • Proteus Tech 3 Strategic Cruiser
    • Hybrid Encoding Platform Subsystem: 430 PG from 330 PG
    • Augmented Plating Subsystem: 25% reduction in Armor Plate Mass Penalty
    • Drone Synthesis Projector Subsystem CPU 60 from 40
    • Drone Synthesis Projector Subsystem Bandwidth to 125 from 100
    • Drone Synthesis Dronebay Capacity to 300 from 250
Daily Rewards System
  • Fresh New UI
  • The revamped SKIN reward options include 260 new skins including the new Halcyon Dawn and Carmine Horizon patterns and an additional 148 returning event skins for players that missed previous events
  • Booster rewards from daily rewards now consist primarily of the new Halcyon booster line. These powerful auto-injected boosters provide small bonuses to a large number of attributes and last 2 hours before skills apply

EVE Online Patch 20.04 is available on PC.

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