Europa Universalis IV Adds History Lesson Packs

Learn more about the history of two countries. Paradox Interactive

Europa Universalis IV already has a lot of information about history, culture, and geography. Paradox Interactive is taking things to the next level and making things even more educational. There's a new series of history lectures integrated into the game's music player courtesy of the History Lesson Packs.

The History Lesson Packs add new audio tracks to the music playlist, lectures which deal with:

  • China History Lessons($4.99)
    • Learn more about Ming China, the early Qing dynasty and the surrounding nations.
    • This collection of 26 lessons covers important events and cultures of early modern China. Listen to 5 to 10-minute lectures which can be heard through the in-game music player.
    • The lectures are made possible through Laszlo Montgomery, host of the popular History of China podcast.
  • Japan History Lessons($4.99)
    • Learn more about early modern Japan.
    • This collection of 35 lessons deals with key moments and symbols of Japan in the timeline of the game, available through the in-game music player.
    • The lectures are all thanks to Isaac Meyer, host of the popular History of Japan podcast.

Relevant and Historical Context

In a statement, Laszlo Montgomery shared that the History Lesson Packs offer players relevant and historical context that can be paired with their strategy gaming experience. He added that it was a pleasure to have worked with those at Paradox and share world history to players.

A Relationship with Historical Education

Ryan Sumo, Business Owner for Europa Universalis IV at Paradox, this is simply the first step in widening and deepening the studio's relationship with historical education. He revealed that many players have said that they learn a lot from their games. This is why, Sumo added, they explored how to improve the experience and how to give players more information without the need to add more text. He also said that they were lucky enough to have found podcasters who were as excited as them for this project.

What do you think? Ready to learn more about Japan and China?

Europa Universalis IV is a grand strategy video game where players control a nation from the Late Middle Ages to the early modern period. They can perform numerous activities, including trade, administration, diplomacy, colonization, and warfare. The game is available on PC.

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