Escape from Tarkov: New Stimulants Added in Patch

Patch Battlestate Games

Battlestate Games deployed the last major update for Escape from Tarkov before the year ends. Patch introduces tons of new content - some of which are new stimulants that can help turn the tide of battle.

For those who are new to Escape from Tarkov, stimulants are injectables that provide some buffs in exchange for specific drawbacks. That said, five new stimulants are added in Patch

One of the most notable is Perfotoran. Also known as “Blue Blood,” this stimulant is a powerful antidote that protects players from poisons and radiation damage. It can temporarily improve health regeneration as well. However, Perfotoran can negatively impact health if used often.

Trimadol is another stimulant worth noting. This powerful stimulant has an analgesic effect and it also enhances the player’s combat characteristics. But overdosing on Trimadol can lead to exhaustion when the effects expire, so only use it when necessary.

In addition, repair kits can now give weapons, body armor, and plate carriers some improvements when used. For instance, weapons get a couple of useful enhancements, such as a reduced chance of malfunctioning and a slight improvement in accuracy.

Here are the other notable changes in this update:

  • The ability to enhance items opens at level 10 of the corresponding skill. For weapons it is Weapon Maintenance, for armor it is Light Armor and Heavy Armor.
  • Rare enhancements can only be applied at the elite level of the corresponding skill.
  • The chance and strength of a normal standard enhancement depends on the level of the corresponding skill.
  • For body armor and plate carriers, the enhancement reduces the damage a character receives.
  • The enhancement is effective within a certain range of the item's technical condition (or armor points) and will be removed in case of another repair.
  • The enhancement and its value affect the value of the item - the selling price, insurance, Flea Market fee.
  • The Intelligence skill now affects the amount of repair points that will be spent on repairs.
  • Now the value of the removed max durability of an item when repairing via repair kits depends on the corresponding skill. For weapons it is Weapon Maintenance, for armor it is Light Armor and Heavy Armor. For other items with durability points it is Intelligence.
  • Added new settings to the cooperative game mode
    • No energy and water drain
    • By checking "Disable water and energy consumption," the player will not lose energy and hydration over time, except from consuming items. With zero energy and hydration, there will be no exhaustion or dehydration negative effects.
  • Bot configuration
    • Option to adjust the amount (including full absence) and difficulty of bots from the solo offline mode is now available in co-op.
  • Players now have three options for selecting a spawn point:
    • All in one place: all players in a group will appear together in the center of the map
    • As online: all players in the group will spawn at the edges of the map, each at their own position
    • 2 teams: players in the group will be divided into two teams (according to the order in which they enter the group) and spawned as different teams in two different parts of the map

Escape from Tarkov Patch is available on PC.

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