Escape from Tarkov Patch Expands Lighthouse, Adds Three New Bosses, and More

Escape from Tarkov
Escape from Tarkov Battlestate Games

Escape from Tarkov received a major update that featured new content and multiple changes. Several game elements are improved, and tons of bugs are squashed. The patch also brings a server wipe.

Patch expanded the Lighthouse location, letting players visit the island. The water treatment plant facility complex received new interiors as part of the expansion. Three new bosses are introduced, namely, Knight, Birdeye, and Big Pipe. They are located in Lighthouse, Shoreline, Woods, and Customs.

The offline cooperative game mode is added but it will only be available to players who bought the Edge of Darkness pre-order edition. The patch also reworked the movement animation and introduced several new weapons.

A portion of the patch notes is mentioned below.

  • Added daily tasks for Player Scavs. The tasks will be given out by Fence once a day and will be available after building the Intelligence Center in the Hideout, regardless of the PMC character level.
  • Added a new type of daily tasks – searching for items from a category such as food, medicine, weapons, etc. All items will need to be found in one raid.
  • Added slots for special items in the PMC inventory, in which you can put a compass and a rangefinder, a wi-fi camera, a marker, and other special items. Items in special slots are not lost upon death. They also cannot be looted from bodies. To activate an item from a special slot, you need to assign a key on the quick access panel (1-9).
  • Added a flare gun and single-shot reactive flare rounds with lighting and flare ammo. Shooting red signal flares will call in a plane with an airdrop to fly to the nearest possible location.
  • Updated the Airdrop mechanics - added 4 types of containers with unique contents (weapons, medicine, supplies, general-purpose). Added countermeasure flares when flying in and dropping the container. Updated the plane flying trajectories and decreased the engine sound volume.
  • Added tasks for the new Lighthouse territories
  • Updated the base clothing models for USEC and BEAR PMCs
  • Added new head models for USEC and BEAR PMCs
  • Added new weapons and customization for them:
    • Benelli M3 Super 90 shotgun
    • Accuracy International AXMC sniper rifle
    • MP-18 single-shot rifle
    • RD-704 assault rifle
    • SAG AK carbine
    • HK G36 assault rifle
    • MGL M32A1 revolver grenade launcher
  • Reworked the animations for MP-133 and MP9
  • Added a new model, animations, and modifications for SV-98
  • Added new equipment and items
  • Changed the bonuses for the Perception skill - now, the hearing radius increases by 0.3% per level, up until 15% for the max level. Before this change, the hearing radius increased by 0.7% and up to 35%.
  • Changed the inertia speed and force when leaning
  • Added new outfits for both PMC factions
  • Added new crafting recipes in the Hideout

You can read the complete patch notes in great detail via the official site.

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