Escape from Tarkov Adds Support for Nvidia DLSS in Patch

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Players will now be able to enjoy a smoother gameplay experience in Escape from Tarkov. That’s because Patch adds support for Nvidia DLSS. Those who are using Nvidia’s RTX graphics cards can now enable the said feature in the settings.

Nvidia DLSS is an AI rendering technology that provides better graphics and increased frame rates. This is done by utilizing the Tensor Core AI processors in Nvidia’s RTX 2000 and 3000 series GPUs. Nvidia DLSS is best used with a 2560x1440 resolution monitor or higher.

Anyway, Patch also brings a lot of bot improvements. For one, bots will no longer shoot when trying to go prone or standing up. Inertia for bots when accelerating and decelerating has been added as well, including some new speed settings during stationary turning and running. On top of that, bots now correctly use prone positions when engaging a player.

Patch Highlights

  • Added weapon and armor repair kits
    • These kits can be found in raids, but can only be used while not in a raid. The effectiveness of repair kits is affected by the Weapon Maintenance and Intelligence skills
  • Added revolvers:
    • Chiappa Rhino 200DS chambered in 9x19
    • Chiappa Rhino 50DS chambered in .357
  • Added new ammo types:
    • .357 Magnum Soft Point
    • .357 Magnum JHP
    • .357 Magnum Hollow Point
    • .357 Magnum FMJ
  • Added the ability to sort tasks by location in the quest menu
  • Added a new type of operational task - elimination while using a specific weapon class, like sniper or assault rifles
  • Added overheating ability for several weapon attachments
  • Added the NVG (Night Vision Goggles) enable or disable sounds for other players
  • Control settings in the Live client no longer reset to default if the player has the ETS client installed with different control settings
  • Objects are now correctly displayed in thermal vision goggles with high values of resampling enabled
  • The weapon mastering is now leveling correctly while using MTs-255-12
  • Ammo no longer disappears from the inactive weapon while unloading chamber with a hotkey immediately after swapping weapons
  • Active Headset sound effect no longer persists between offline raids
  • Low graphics settings no longer distort object textures while using night vision devices
  • Switching between tabs on the character screen now remains possible after deleting a plan map by hotkey and buying a new one

Escape from Tarkov Patch is available on PC.

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