Enter the Reworked Mining Frigate in Marauders Excavation Update

Excavation Update Small Impact Games

Prepare your Breacher Pods! Small Impact Games just launched a pretty massive patch for Marauders that you need to check out! The Excavation update adds a new map, region-select matchmaking, and new weapons!

Ready for Breach

The Marauders dev team has fully reworked the game's first-ever map: the Mining Frigate. This map is a breach-only location, so you'll need to board your Breacher Pod if you want to enter the gigantic spaceship.

The map is called Mining Frigate for a reason and that's because the ship you'll be entering has a giant drill that tries to reach the core of a valuable asteroid. Although you can access the asteroid, you have to find your way out of the maze-like layout of the frigate to get there.

Better Ping

Another noteworthy feature introduced in the Excavation update is the region-select matchmaking. Automatic ping-selected matchmaking has been removed from Marauders. Instead, you can now select which region you want to match make into. The game presents you with the best two regions based on your ping and you can choose one that suits you the most. The company is hoping that this new feature will provide you with a much more stable experience.

New Weapons

A hefty update is not complete without new weapons, and there are two new guns.

The SPP1 is a dart-firing pistol, the first of its kind in Marauders. This weapon is silent and deadly, but the problem is it has a lower ammo count compared to other guns. Still, this is great for eliminating targets in a more methodical manner rather than going all-out every chance you get.

The other new weapon is the MAS 44, the high-powered, standard-issue rifle of the United Allies faction. Even though it only carries 10 bullets, this weapon's stopping power is enough to make up for its low ammo capacity.

Healing Rework

Things got a lot more challenging in-game due to the changes to the healing system; healing is now more tactical than ever before. That's because you can no longer do other things, such as shoot at enemies, reload your weapons, or interact with items while healing. Sure, you can cancel the healing animation with a left click, but that means you either heal yourself or do something else, not both at the same time.

Other Additions

  • Escape Jump Gates
    • The jump gates used to extract from space in your ship (or pod) are now dynamic. They are no longer present at the start of the match, and you will either have to wait until they arrive, or reach the gate controls within any raid location to call them in immediately (including Merchant ship and Capital ship). Currently set to automatically arrive 15 minutes into a raid, you can trigger an early arrival by visiting any control room. Once again, we will listen to feedback and adjust if necessary, however, internally we feel this has created new and interesting combat scenarios giving all players a much more rewarding experience.
  • The Warden
    • A new boss has been added to the Penal Colony, taking harbor in the safe rooms during the lockdown triggered by the prisoner riots. As is tradition, you can also unlock the Warden's cosmetic if you can tally enough kills! Beware, he is wearing the strongest helmet in Marauders history! So what are you waiting for... Can you find a way to unleash the Warden and his crew of deadly guards?

Marauders Excavation update is available on PC.

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