Marauders: Red Baron Market Trader Bug Finally Fixed in Patch 001

Patch 001
Patch 001 Reddit/@GMedlin_T17

Marauders, the game where you play as a space pirate, has received a new update that finally fixes the market trader bug.

For those who do not know, the Market in Marauders is a feature introduced in the Red Baron Update that allows you to obtain pieces of gear by trading in some items. It’s supposed to reset every 24 hours where items on offer will change, but it has not done so since the New Year.

If you are frustrated about it, you are not alone. Some Marauders players have voiced their frustrations about this issue.

The good news is that Small Impact Games have finally resolved the annoying market trader bug in the recently released Patch 001.

In addition, Patch 001 made changes to certain shotguns in the game. The Terminator and the Trench Gun, for example, had their bullet spread increased to make them more in line with other shotguns. This means that you can no longer use them effectively from afar. Besides that, the Liberator has its damage increased from 15x8 to 16x8.


  • Terminator shotgun damage decreased from 18x12 to 14x12.
  • Terminator shotgun now has 15 durability (down from 25).
  • Terminator shotgun has a 30% increase in value and repair cost.
  • Normal speed (not boosting) of the pod is now 15% faster, and has a 12-second cooldown instead of 14 seconds between boosts.
  • Small first aid kit now heals 7 health per second instead of 5.
  • Shotgun A.I. should no longer engage at long distances, but instead reposition or charge.
  • QOL on crew password check menu, you can now press enter to try the password without needing to press the try button.
  • In the main menu, core contract missions that are time-based are now formatted more usefully as 00:00 instead of just an int. value.
  • Added a UI blocker to stop crewmembers being able to set an active ship while in a crew and not the captain.
  • Optimized lighting in the main menu.
  • Optimized skeletal meshes in the main menu.
  • Optimized collision in the main menu.
  • Optimized bullet shaders (used for ammo pickups).
  • Optimized baked texture items icons.
  • Added concurrency limits to some weapons shooting sounds which were missing them.
  • Fixes for exploits.
  • Fix for the “Shotgun Crash” that could occur on Terraformer.
  • Fix for texture/shader memory crash when opening containers.
  • Fix for Server crash with audio mechanics.
  • Fix for a crash when hitting enemies with a shield.
  • Fixes added for vertical audio not working.
  • Fixes added to the crew system to be more reliable.
  • Fixes added to stop crewmembers losing an active ship when going in as part of a crew.
  • Fixes for a rare chance to lose a ship when returning from a match due to an ID collision.
  • Repo man forklift mission fix for merchant ship.

Marauders Red Baron Patch 001 is now live on PC.

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