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Enchantress brings her special brand of fighting to Injustice 2.
Enchantress brings her special brand of fighting to Injustice 2. NETHERREALM STUDIOS

Every character in Injustice 2 has a unique way of fighting, and the more you play as a particular DC Comics hero or villain increases your chances to gain new abilities to make the fighting style of your favorite Injustice fighter even more special.

The latest character in Injustice 2, Enchantress, is no exception. Each of her abilities can help players become better zoners, rush-down players or somewhere in between. If you want to learn more about how abilities work and how to get them in Injustice 2, you can refer to our guide.

Players who want to see Enchantress’ abilities in action can check out the video below from Mr. Alucard.

Divinity Spell

  • Enchantress casts a magical spell that levitates her body above the fightline and allows her to build Super Meter.

Hypnotic Spell

  • Enchantress puts her opponent into a hypnotic trance and lures them in close. Meter Burning Hypnotic Spell allows Enchantress to follow up with an extended combo.
  • Replaces Astral Soul Rip
  • Requires Both Ability Slots

Demon’s Dissolve

  • Meter Burning Vanish causes Enchantress to absorb projectiles and immediately disappear and then reappear behind her opponent.

Barrier Spell

  • A large field barrier of protection surrounds Enchantress, reducing damage while she’s standing inside it.

Eclipso’s Grasp

  • While airborne, Enchantress uses dark energy to pull her opponent towards her or push them away.

Another Dimension

  • Meter Burning Hell’s Gate allows Enchantress to teleport to a different area on the fightline.

Split Personality

  • Enchantress plays mind games with her opponent, causing them to see multiple versions of herself.
  • Replaces Xibalba

Banishing Blast

  • Enchantress hurls a dark energy blast at her opponent. Meter Burning Banishing Blast causes it to deal additional damage and travel across the entire fightline.
  • Replaces Hell’s Gate
  • Requires both Ability Slots

So what do you think of Enchantress’ extra abilities in Injustice 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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