Empyrion - Galactic Survival: Update v1.9 Adds New Weapon and Character Models

Update v1.9
Update v1.9 Steam

Empyrion - Galactic Survival, the 3D open-world space sandbox survival adventure developed by Eleon Game Studios, got a new patch recently. Update v1.9 added new weapons and character models, as well as game improvements.

The developer brings new models for player suits in Update v1.9, including Light, Medium, Heavy, and Heavy Epic armors, as well as the Interior Suit. Players will find new body types when they start a new game as well. If they want to create a tall or heroic avatar in Empyrion - Galactic Survival, now they can.

New Body Types
New Body Types Steam

In addition, Eleon Game Studios has scrapped the old weapon tier system because it was quite confusing. Instead, players will now see specific weapon names, each with its own unique characteristics. New weapon models have also been added to give the guns a fresh new look.

For improvements, AI factions are now more likely to attack other factions thanks to a certain change made in this update.

New Weapon Models
New Weapon Models Steam

Patch Notes

  • Character Controller and Model
    • The way how gravity affects the player has been changed to make it feel snappier
    • The player now jumps slightly higher when the jetpack is activated
    • Now only possible to sprint in forward directions
    • Suit lights and night vision are now only available when the Helmet is on.
  • Gunplay/Rebalancing
    • Added bullet spread to zirax troops and Cyborg NPC's
    • Added Procedural Weapon movements to weapons & tools in 1st person view. Models can now recoil, sway, and move down when sprinting.
  • Game World and POIs
    • Replaced old POIs on Akua: Scientist Camp, Digsite, Supply Depot
    • Replaced Crown sector orbital "Destroyed Station" with new variant
    • Updated Akua Supply Depot (now fully testable/playable)
    • Changed some POI to belong to Karana
    • Added more Progenitor POIs
  • Others
    • Updated Unity to 2022.2.0f1
    • AI-AI warfare options added to factions.ecf ( currently primarily affects Drones, Vessels, Bases)
    • New VFX added: New Player jetpack & vessel thruster flames, New beams currently visible on the survival tool for each mode and New muzzle flashes added for weapons
    • Small optimization made to lights that can see a small increase in FPS depending on the scene (your mileage may vary)
    • Added animations to the Console Map block which activates when close to it. The displayed map is of the terrain of the playfield you are in or if you are in the orbit of a planet you have just left it will display the last planet's terrain.
  • Dialogue Cone is not rendered after structure is coming out of DSL
  • Personal Cargo box missing at FoK Camp on Akua
  • Plants can "sink" under terrain when returning to them after loading back into a save
  • LCD projector block is turning invisible and the distance of text the projector displays is now very short

Empyrion - Galactic Survival Update v1.9 is available on PC.

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