Empyrion - Galactic Survival Update 1.8.5: New Scenario, Changes, and Bug Fixes

Empyrion - Galactic Survival Update 1.8.5
Empyrion - Galactic Survival Update 1.8.5 Steam

Empyrion - Galactic Survival recently received a new update that added some changes, a new scenario, and bug fixes.

New Scenario

This update added a new scenario called Stranded at Nemesis, a WiP challenge scenario that can be accessed from the scenarios menu. This new scenario comes with Asteria Destroyer, which is a survival combat CV with all the latest alpha 10 features.


There are several changes implemented in this update. One of them is related to quests, as they don’t mark their location automatically anymore. Players can check the details in the quest information instead. This change should give better challenge and immersion for players, in contrast to spoon-feeding of information.

Empyrion - Galactic Survival Update 1.8.5

  • Non Airtight blocks becoming airtight
  • Most traders hat no items in their list / empty lists
  • some POI on Omicron did not spawn reliably
  • Frame Module Concrete did not advance Base Building Tutorial
  • Debug entries in PDA were still visible
  • Quest Super Fertilizer could not be completed at quest NPC
  • Quest-Cancel on Akua-exit does create a loop when teleporter is used (Known issue: Quests could still be seen active in the questlog)
  • plants and trees could be salvaged with survival tool
  • Set Signals over Dialogues do not work
  • Opening Telluropod loot had metal-sound effect
  • Fixed DamageMultiplierConfig.ecf not considered for blast damage.
  • Titanium rock resource was set to the wrong HP scale.
  • Fixed some seed instabilities on Omicron (Certain POI not spawning)
  • Settlement Chief did not offer info about Tash sometimes
  • Robinson Protocol prompt to build a shelter did not trigger sometimes
  • Some Ningues biomes were made of Cobalt resource (Default Multiplayer Scenario)
  • Starter block core fall through the ground
  • Talon guardians, infected, etc that don't have crossbows aren't attacking the player
  • PDA mission repeats although not set to repeat
  • Fixed bug that decals on a just placed BP did disappear when placing this BP once again.
  • Map markers set by PDA vanish from map
  • Story did not start when not completing the RP Pickup Tasks
  • Devices behind the rendering range do not take HIT damage
  • Items are not saved in an Admin Core blueprint
  • GIN console not working for IT loca (Note: When running into a broken dialogue, please always open the console and make a screenshot of the FIRST rows of the error.)

You can read more about the update here.

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