Empyrion: Galactic Survival New Game Start and Improved Tutorial in Update v1.8

Empyrion: Galactic Survival
Empyrion: Galactic Survival Steam

The 3D space sandbox adventure Empyrion: Galactic Survival just got an update recently. Update v1.8 introduced a new game start, as well as an improved tutorial to get new players acquainted with the game mechanics.

Starting a new game in Empyrion: Galactic Survival feels different now than before. That’s because the developers completely reworked the experience where exploration plays an important role. Don’t worry; those who haven’t played the game before will be guided by the revised Robinson Protocol on the starting moon of Akua. To put it simply, the new tutorial now keeps track of all of the player’s activities and will give handy situational tips when doing something for the first time.

Update v1.8 implemented some quality-of-life changes to status effects and medical items as well. Now, there are on-screen messages that tell the players what they can do to cure or mitigate the status effects they currently have. Additionally, the First Aid Kit now heals up to 250 HP, though the Detox and Decon kits no longer restore health.

The other changes in this patch can be found below:

  • Gliding Overseer (Skillon)
  • Annoying Mosquito (Masperon > Swamp)
  • Butterflies (Akua > Forests)
  • Salvage Drones (Skillon)
  • Fish (Akua > Water/Deep Water)
  • Some optimizations have been implemented that may increase game performance by at least 10 frames per second when inside or outside a structure. This includes player-made bases and vessels, as well as points of interest
  • LOD Distance (Low, Medium, High) now sets the distance for render range of objects
  • Added automated machine translations for DE, FR, IT, ES, and RU as a test of the process
  • Updated unity to 2021.3.2f1
  • Now it is possible to equip light armor and boosters from inventory without an armor locker
  • Core handling logic change: now if the LAST core gets removed, the structure is set to NoFaction (old: if any core was removed). This allows POIs with more than 1 core for higher difficulty
  • Added console cmd "rd bp" to reload the blueprint headers + poi config yaml files
  • Added Detector (handheld) as a physical device
  • Added Tutorial for new players
  • Added the new NPCs to Atlon, Itaka, Merdar, and Korro
  • Added "TalonCrossbowPlayer" to "TalonBasicsAndCommodities"
  • Added new Decoration on the Starting Planets
  • Updated all random generated playfields to the latest version
  • Added TemperatePlateau, Snow2, and DesertBurnt to the Galaxy Generation
  • Player requests
    • Added deposits back to the Void
    • Changed resources in Cygnus System
    • Reduced deposits on all PvE planets

Empyrion: Galactic Survival Update v1.8 is available on PC.

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