Ember Knights Introduces New Awesome Relics in February 28 Update

Ember Knights
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The February 2023 update for the action roguelite Ember Knights is here. This patch introduces new relics that will aid players in clearing rooms and eliminating bosses.

Seven awesome new relics have been added to Ember Knights, but there are a few that stand out from the bunch. First is the Razor Claw, a new relic that empowers your critical strikes to deal twice the damage.

Those who prefer using damage over time (DoT) builds can make great use of Smoldering Toxin. This relic also applies the poisoned status effect when the enemy is burned.

And lastly, Traumatic Blow instantly kills a regular enemy if it is stunned below 20% HP.

The February 28 update improves some of the existing relics in Ember Knights as well. The Chronograph now refreshes skills quicker in every combat room, not just in boss and miniboss rooms.

Previously, the Urn of Vengeance only activates when the player gets hit. But now, this relic no longer requires players to take damage just to release collected souls. Instead, a ghost is unleashed every time an enemy is defeated.

Here is the rundown of all of the relic changes in this patch:

  • Red Dwarf: Third weapon attacks shoot a giant fireball across the screen
  • Spell in a Bottle: Whenever an enemy is defeated, a skill is refreshed by 1 hit
  • Magic Tome: Whenever a skill is refreshed, AOE damage is dealt
  • Trusty Wizard’s Hat: Whenever an enemy is stunned, 6 seconds of additional skill damage is applied
  • Empowered Bangle: Each first skill hit to an enemy deals bonus damage, not just the first skill hit in a room
  • Decayed Scepter: Now, every skill hit to an enemy poisons them. A normal cast applies 1 poison stack, a charged cast applies 2 poison stacks, and a perfect cast applies 3 poison stacks
  • Tainted Conduit (previously Venomous Necklace): Poison ticks have a chance to conjure lightning
  • Lethargic Brew: Now, in addition to slowing enemies, their attacks are also slowed
  • Shock Troop: Increased the number of skill charges that are refreshed
  • Doom Shell: Now, the Doom Shell triggers on the first perfect skill cast and not when taking damage

So, what can you say about the new relics introduced in the February 28 update?

Ember Knights is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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