Ember Knights: January 2023 Update Nerfs Infested Mind and Titan’s Wargear

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The hefty January 2023 Update for Ember Knights is now available on all platforms. Aside from the new content, this patch brings some balancing changes as well, particularly to a couple of notable relics.

The Infested Mind and Titan’s Wargear are relics in Ember Knights introduced in a previous update. They have been doing pretty well, so much so that these relics got nerfed in this update.

Infested Mind deals damage after you’ve applied five poison stacks on the enemy. It used to deal 80 damage, but in the January 2023 Update, it is down to just 40. This is pretty significant, considering that all poison stacks on the enemy are consumed in the process.

Additionally, Titan’s Wargear received a couple of changes in the way you get its bonus. Instead of getting a 1% permanent damage boost on each kill with your weapon, you now need to eliminate four enemies to receive the same benefit. However, the good news is that you’re no longer limited to using just your weapon, which means you can also spam your skills now to get the damage buff.

You can read the other balancing changes below:

Patch Notes

  • Adjusted the Razor Wind to allow players to roll through the projectile without collecting it
  • Tweaked the Sword Lunge Mod to not do a swing in between consecutive lunges
  • Adjusted Storm Ward and Thunder Hammer relics to spawn lightning on damage rather than on lightning
  • Updated the Shivering Touch relic to trigger on each tick for Guardian Bow mod, Volley
  • Added the ability to use the scroll wheel when browsing relics from the inventory screen
  • Removed damage performed on the training dummy from counting towards player’s overall damage
  • Added various SFX that were missing or needed
  • Fixed a bug that was casting an infinite amount of lightning resulting in a crash
  • Fixed some issues related to NPC dialogue sequences that were causing softlocks in multiplayer games
  • Fixed a rare bug with changing rooms that was causing a softlock if there were enemies left in the previous room
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the Arcane Orb skill from being added to the Compendium when equipping the Nexal Staff
  • Fixed a bug with Razor Wind that was preventing it from hitting targets directly in front of the player
  • Fixed a bug with Razor Wind where players wouldn’t teleport the full distance when cast offscreen
  • Fixed a visual bug with Rift Hammer’s charge attacks where the animations weren’t facing the correct direction in multiplayer games
  • Fixed a bug with Cloak and Dagger that was preventing relics Vital Convergence and Call to Arms from triggering off of perfect casts
  • Fixed an issue with using Knight’s Charge on the sleeping Mimic King that was preventing the battle to take place

The full changelog can be found here.

Ember Knights January 2023 Update is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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