Ember Knights: January 2023 Update Introduces New Relics and Improves Armor Mechanic

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Ember Knights, the action roguelite developed by Doom Turtle Studios, received its first major patch of the year. The January 2023 Update introduced new relics with the focus of improving the armor mechanic.

For the uninitiated, armor in Ember Knights acts as a temporary HP. When you take damage, the armor gets depleted first before your actual health. For instance, if you have 15 armor and you take 25 damage, you’ll end up losing all of your armor but only 10 points are taken from your HP.

That said, there are new relics in the game that let you generate armor when certain conditions are met. The Bone Plate, for example, not only gives you some base armor, but you gain armor by defeating enemies as well.

The company has also made changes to some item and skill animations to reduce visual noise, including the Rift hammer, Bast Bomb, and Arcane Bolts, to name a few.


Arlan’s Lucky Dice
  • The latest skill to be introduced and it's available in the starting pool of skills!
  • Ornate Glove: While over a minimum amount of gold, get bonus move speed and bonus crit
  • Wizard's Fleece (previously Scorching Sandals): Gain bonus skill damage for each Armor. When Armor is removed, skills are refreshed by the amount of Armor lost
  • Twisted Firestarter (previously Static Aegis): Your first weapon hit burns and deals bonus damage
  • Steel Greaves (previously Bulwark): Gain Armor when dodging an attack
  • Spite Shield: Gain bonus weapon damage for each Armor. When Armor is removed, deal that much damage to enemies around you
  • Guard Scepter (previously Swamp Stompers): Gain Armor when casting a perfect skill
Weapons and Mods
  • Rift Hammer Smite mod: adjusted to render behind players and enemies
  • Rift Hammer Detonate mod: reduced number of particles
  • Ember Blade Lunge mod: reduced number of particles and rotated based on the player’s direction
  • Blast Bomb: adjusted to render smoke behind players and enemies
  • Ember Fire: reduced lifetime, reduced quantity and opacity of particle FX
  • Arcane Bolts: adjusted to render some particles behind players and enemies
  • Frost Wall: adjusted to render behind players
  • Removed camera shake when enemies die from burn or poison
  • No longer shows damage and heal numbers from teammates in multiplayer games
  • Adjusted damage numbers on bosses to appear closer to where the hit occurred
  • Set a maximum number of damage numbers that can appear on an enemy at any one time
  • Reduced the size of the popup that appears with a stat gem
  • Disabled the increased stat popup when picking up a stat during battle

Ember Knights January 2023 Update is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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