Elite Dangerous: Update 13 Brings the Fitting Conclusion to the Azimuth Saga

Update 13
Update 13 Twitter/@EliteDangerous

The highly anticipated Update 13 for Elite Dangerous is now available. This patch brings the almost two-year Azimuth Saga to a close.

The Azimuth Saga storyline in Elite Dangerous was introduced in October 2020. It all began when the Adamastor ship was found traveling on autopilot after two centuries.

All Elite Dangerous players will be able to enjoy the fitting conclusion to the Azimuth Saga even if they have not purchased the Odyssey expansion. However, features specific to Odyssey will only be available to those who have the expansion installed.

Anyway, Update 13 still has plenty to offer, including new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Some of the most notable ones can be found below:

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey
  • The ambient traffic system has been updated in order to broaden the range of ships that can spawn.
  • Removed exploit that allowed more than one NPC ship launched fighter to enter combat at a time.
  • On-foot assassination missions no longer fail as soon as the target boards a ship
  • Players can no longer access impounded ships.
  • Docking can no longer be requested if the docking service is not available.
  • Engineers will now offer non-Engineering services to all Commanders when they have invited status.
    • Commanders will no longer need to unlock the Engineer Workshop to gain access to other services.
  • Commanders were experiencing a high frequency of crashes and stability issues around planetary surface settlements and POIs. The issue behind these stability problems has now been addressed.
  • An issue has been fixed whereby attempting to play CQC would cause a crash.
  • Pioneer suits have now been reinstated and will be available to adorn your wonderful selves with once again.
  • An issue has been fixed whereby ship kit pieces were blocking weapons from firing.
    • This was partly in relation to the Cutter and Corvette Raider Ship kits specifically, blocking Gauss railguns (on the Corvette) and beamlaser (on the Cutter).
Elite Dangerous: Horizons
  • An issue has been fixed whereby attempting to play CQC would cause a crash.
  • An issue has been fixed whereby Guardian Sentinels were failing to fire their missiles.
  • Improvements were made to the Type 9 Hazard ship kit to stop some pieces protruding into the cockpit, as well as fixed visual flickering.
  • Made some improvements to Imperial Cutter debris so that they work correctly, as intended.
  • Fixed players being unable to request to join private groups.
  • Added better protection from malformed strings entered into the social menu search bar.

Elite Dangerous Update 13 is available on PC.

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