Elite Dangerous Update 11: Fleet Carriers Changes and New Protect Missions

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Elite Dangerous is an open-world space flight simulation game. The developers just released Update 11, which is focused on bug fixes.

Fleet Carriers

This update makes some changes to the Fleet Carriers. Starting with the addition of interiors for players to walk around and enjoy. The main areas of these carriers include a concourse, hangar lobby, command deck, and seating area. Those are the main interior parts of the carrier. Players can also add areas such as bars, service desks, a supplies store, and a shipyard access point to improve the aesthetics of the carrier.

New Missions

The developers have added new “Protect” missions. The objective of these missions is for players to defend against criminals attacking delivery routes. These missions are harder than normal ones, but the rewards make it worth the time and effort. Make sure you have teammates to make the mission easier because some parts have time limits.

Elite Dangerous Update 11

Fleet Carriers
  • On-foot access to the shipyard is now available (added automatically if the Shipyard service is enabled).
  • The Fleet Carrier Livery has been moved into the same environment as Outfitting.
  • A lack of notifications for Fleet Carrier jumps until 10 seconds beforehand was fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where missions could be repeatedly abandoned to produce a strong negative influence on the faction offering.
  • Fixed an issue with shared missions not displaying correctly when in a failed state.
  • Fixed a legal Collection mission asking you to collect an illicit item. Naughty.
  • Fixed some incorrect text in a Sabotage mission.
  • Added the new cargo loader used in the new Protect missions to various settlements.
  • Fixed a control point being inaccessible at a specific settlement type during Conflict Zones.
  • Fixed corpses clipping through the floor.
  • Added and adjusted ammo crate positions to improve distribution.
  • Floating consumable boxes were brought back down to Earth (or relevant body).
Performance and Optimization
  • Unnecessary operations were reduced in the humanoid HUD markers system.
  • Fixed cases of shadows flickering from directional lights.
  • Fixed some incorrect text in a Theft mission.
  • Fixed an issue where a faction would sometimes target themselves for a Hacking mission.
  • Fixed Salvage missions failing to have the relevant item for the mission.
  • Fixed the spawning of mission givers for the hand-in of missions taken from a settlement.
Server and Stability
  • Fixed a Black Adder server error when deploying a second fighter from the ship.
  • Fixed some black markets not being activated during Civil Unrest.
  • Fixed a crash while embarking/disembarking at settlements.
  • Fixed a crash when dying during the tutorial.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur while jumping to hyperspace/Supercruise while trespassing.

You can read more about the update here.

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