Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Update 9 Introduces the Scorpion SRV

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey
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Elite Dangerous: Odyssey just got Update 9 that introduced the Scorpion SRV, the latest ground vehicle. The developers also added improvements to atmospheric lighting - making planets look vastly better than ever before.

New Support Vehicle

The Scorpion is the latest Surface Recon Vehicle (SRV) in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. It is an agile, two-seater with a dedicated space for the driver and gunner.

This vehicle is equipped with two weapons. The Surge Repeater is a rapid-fire weapon that can decimate anything in its path. The gun’s fire rate and accuracy ramp up the longer it’s fired.

The second weapon is the Aculeus Launcher, which has two firing modes. You can either lock in on a single target or fire at anything without honing in on your enemy.

Better Atmospheric Lighting

Atmospheric Lighting (Before)
Atmospheric Lighting (Before) Frontier Developments
Improved Atmospheric Lighting
Improved Atmospheric Lighting Frontier Developments

Update 9 has brought some major improvements to light tinting from atmospheres. As you can see in the images above, you will find that most elements - from the ground to the stars - look better now thanks to the enhancements. These are best seen when the stars are low.

Patch Highlights

  • Now available from Outfitting:
  • Mining Multi Limpet Controller module (Available in Size 3)
  • Operations Multi Limpet Controller module (Available in Size 3)
  • Rescue Multi Limpet Controller module (Available in Size 3)
  • Some NPCs at Settlements may occasionally provide you with missions
  • Mission providers will fight back if provoked
  • Mission providers will reappear at the settlement once the mission is marked as complete
  • Optimizations to textmesh system
  • Optimizations to tubelights
  • Optimizations to scatter rocks and scatter rock physics
  • Minor optimization to vehicle debris rendering
  • Optimizations to the UI rendering
  • AI in dropships will take explosive damage if the dropship is destroyed before deployment
  • The player that destroyed the ship will be given credit for the damage caused to the AI
SRV-related Improvements:
  • Improved responsiveness and mix of the Scarab tire surface noises, including skids
  • Improved the Scarab mix at different distances and perspectives
  • Scarab will now sound clearer further out, for example
  • An update has been made to Combat Zone control points to allow them to be visible in Ships and SRVs
  • Improved player messaging has been implemented for when you can't recall your ship from an SRV, due to being in a Conflict Zone
  • Fix implemented for some Delivery Missions failing to progress upon interacting with the mission contact
  • Fix implemented for Recovery and Scavenge Missions sometimes being unable to fail if the mission is abandoned or the mission owning commander is critically injured
  • A fix has been implemented to ensure the correct directional shadow profile is selected for interior environments
  • The shadow will be cast accurately to the light source

The full patch notes can be found on the game’s official website.

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