The Elder Scrolls Online: Update v8.3.0 Changes Harmony and Reworks Mist Form

Update v8.3.0
Update v8.3.0 Twitter/@TESOnline

ZeniMax Online Studios puts Update v8.3.0 for The Elder Scrolls Online up for testing on PTS. This patch changes how the Harmony trait and Mist Form skill function.

The Harmony trait is seemingly nerfed in Update v8.3.0. It used to increase the strength of the synergy skills you activate by up to 35% back then. But now, it has been reworked to grant a chunk of health, magicka, and stamina every time you activate a synergy instead. According to the developer, this change was made to embody the trait’s name, incentivizing sustain and group coordination over burst potential.

Another thing that got reworked in this patch is Mist Form. Previously, activating it not only makes you immune to crowd control effects but all damage you receive is reduced by 75% as well.

However, Mist Form received fundamental changes recently - one of which is that it is no longer a toggled effect. Instead, using Mist Form allows you to quickly travel to a targeted location as a means of closing the gap between you and your foe and avoiding incoming projectiles.

The dev team wanted to make the skill iconic, having that feel of “blinking into mist” to go from here to there. Thus, Mist Form is now a deliberate rapid movement to eliminate distance and evade dangers.

Here are the other general combat and ability adjustments in this patch:

  • Fixed an issue where the stun from successful sneak attacks could trigger off other triggered events, such as item sets.
  • Fixed an issue where you could Bash and Light Attack simultaneously while using a gamepad.
  • Updated the tooltips for following player passives to properly mention their scaling effects, arming you with vital combat information:
    • Burning Light
    • Blood Magic
    • Tri Focus
    • Spell Orb
    • This passive also now only deals Magic Damage, rather than Magic or Physical Damage. Note the damage will continue to dynamically scale with your highest stats.
  • Increased the scaling of all weapon Light Attacks by 50% and Werewolf Light Attacks by 20%, and introduced a stat scaling limit on these attacks so they stop benefitting from Weapon or Spell Damage and Magicka or Stamina after reaching 3850 damage for weapons and 4813 for Werewolf.
    • Note that this limit is unaffected by bonuses to damage such as Critical Strikes, Berserk, or Vulnerability.
  • Fixed numerous issues where attacks were missing invisible targets when they should not have been. Affected attacks are listed below:
    • Burning and Poisoned status effects
    • Lady Malygda
    • Fiery Breath and morphs
    • Impaling Shards and morphs’ first tick
  • Abilities and item sets that pull a singular target will now also attempt to taunt the target for 15 seconds if they are not already affected by a player taunt. This applies to the following sources:
    • Beckoning Armor
    • Fiery Grip and Unrelenting Grip
    • Silver Leash
    • Swarm Mother

So, what can you say about the newly reworked Harmony and Mist Form in The Elder Scrolls Online?

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