The Elder Scrolls Online: New Arcanist Class Coming This June

Get ready to try out the new Crux mechanic.
Can you master this new class?
Can you master this new class? Bethesda

A new class is coming this June to The Elder Scrolls Online. The Arcanist class will sport new abilities and mechanics drawn from Hermaeus Mora’s realm of Oblivion, Apocrypha. For those keeping count, this is the seventh class to be introduced in the game.

For those who want to be a practitioner of this mystical new class, get ready to harness powerful runes, tomes of ancient, and even the energy of Apocrypha itself to release destructive, defensive, or restorative magics.

Gather and Use Crux

There's no question that a new class is indeed exciting, but what makes it interesting is the new combat mechanic with the Arcanist known as Crux. When certain Arcanist abilities are activated, they generate Crux and this can be used to activate other specific abilities. Basically, the more Crux generated, the more the ability is empowered when used. That means players need to be strategic in combat, particularly in how they utilize Crux.

New Skill Lines

Regardless of what character or role a player chooses, the Arcanist class unlocks new abilities and new ways to play, made possible via three unique skill lines.

Let's say you're the type who wants to defend and protect allies. Then, the Apocryphal Soldier skill line is a good choice since it lets you dominate the attention of enemies while giving yourself and the party a buff. This skill line has the Runespite Ward, which can summon an explosive damage shield. By the way, this one can be improved with Crux.

Want to play more as a support? Go ahead and try the Curative Runeforms skill line. This one lets you use healing runes to make sure that everyone in the party has enough health; it also lets you shield allies from damage. One of its abilities is the Apocryphal Gate which summons a passage between worlds and lets your allies better navigate the battlefield.

Of course, there's the offensive style called the Herald of the Time. This one allows the Arcanist to manipulate arcane energies and send damaging blasts and beams to enemies. One active ability of this skill line is Runeblades, which release lethal projectiles at enemies while generating Crux at the same time.

Overall, each skill line of the Arcanist class comes with a full range of active, passive, and ultimate abilities for generating or using Crux.

The Elder Scrolls Online is an MMORPG released in 2014 originally made available on PC. It was later launched on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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