The Elder Scrolls Online: New Necrom Chapter Arrives June 5 on PC, June 20 on Consoles

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Get ready for a new adventure.
Get ready for a new adventure. Bethesda

A new chapter is coming to The Elder Scrolls Online. The Necrom Chapter introduces a new storyline along with new zones to explore and a new class to master. It's coming to PC on June 5 while June 20 on consoles.

The Necrom Chapter offers 30 hours of new story content and introduces players to two new zones. The first is the Telvanni Peninsula where they get to learn more about the Dark Elves. The second is Apocrypha, the realm of Oblivion claimed by the Daedric Prince of Knowledge, Hermaeus Mora.

In this new chapter, players take on the role of an agent of Hermaeus Mora tasked with investigating a mysterious threat to the most closely guarded secrets of the Daedric Prince. They're going to need to look for the lost knowledge deep in the heart of the City of the Dead and walk between realities to unearth a conspiracy powerful enough to endanger Nirn and Oblivion alike.

Pre-Order Rewards

Pre-order of The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom is already available and those who do will get immediate access to the Sadrith Mora Spore Steed mount and Sadrith Mora Spore Pony pet. In addition, they will also get these bonus content at launch:

  • Sadrith Mora Formal Attire costume
  • Apocryphal Bookwyrm pet
  • ×1 Unfeathered crate
  • ×3 Telvanni Peninsula treasure maps
  • ×2 Experience scrolls (+100% for 1 hour)

Editions Available

There are two main versions available when pre-ordering The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom. The first is The Elder Scrolls Online Upgrade: Necrom, a good option for those who are already familiar with the game.

If you're a new player or an existing one who missed some of the previously released chapters, go for The Elder Scrolls Online Collection: Necrom. Not only does it have the upcoming Necrom content but also all the six other chapters.

Then, there's The Elder Scrolls Online Deluxe Collection: Necrom. It has Necrom and all the other six chapters, plus theme digital items at launch:

  • Hermitage Servitor mount
  • Cipher's Eye Pocket Watcher pet
  • Dark Lady's Headrest memento
  • Knowledge Eater Armor outfit style
  • Leaning/Sitting/Standing Scholar emotes

If you're not yet sure whether you want to get the new chapter or not, check out what the new Arcanist class has to offer.

The Elder Scrolls Online is an MMORPG released in 2014 originally made available on PC. It was later launched on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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