EA Origin On PC Is Getting A Name Change

EA Desktop App
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It seems that Electronic Arts wants nothing to do with the name Origin anymore. The company recently changed its Origin Access subscription service to the name EA Play, and now the Origin desktop app is also getting rebranded to "EA Desktop App".

Recently, even the EA Play subscription service received an overhaul as the subscription-based service launched on Steam, allowing Steam users to enjoy EA Play games without having to access EA's Origin platform. Originally, EA Play was a separate application, offering exclusive EA games through the Origin desktop app. Although players can still access these games via the same application, it's now getting a name change and visual overhaul.

The announcement was made by EA's Senior Vice President Mike Blank, who spoke about the explicit EA rebranding and the new visual makeover coming to the app. There is no denying that some people do confuse EA and Origin without realizing that the products belong to the same brand. The new name should clear up the confusion.

Additionally, Blank also stated that the app will now offer a much smoother experience than the previous one. Although most of us just see this rebranding as a simple name and UI change, for Blank and his team at EA, this is a complete refocusing on what the brand intends to do in the future. Previously, Blizzard also tried renaming Battle.net, but did not follow through with the changes. However, we don't think this is going to be the case with Origin being renamed to EA Desktop App.

The new rebranding will come into effect in the beta phase of the updated app. If you're interested in testing the new EA Desktop App, EA currently has a closed beta running for the program. However, a concrete date as to when the app will go live for the public is still unknown. Players can expect to learn more details in the future.

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