E3 2019 - A Complete Schedule Of Events And Presentations

All the big developers, publishers and presenters at the biggest gaming event of the year.
Here's a full schedule of the livestreams for E3 2019.
Here's a full schedule of the livestreams for E3 2019. E3

We have three days to go before E3 2019 kicks off, and tensions and excitement is already at fever-pitch. With hundreds of announcements waiting for every genre, every franchise and every game you love, the three-day event is looking to be one of the biggest thus far.

As such, we’ve compiled this complete schedule of events here, to be accompanied soon by a list of games that may or may not be showing up at E3. Honestly, what’s E3 without a little speculation? That said, you can check out most of the conferences below, along with where you can watch them. We’ll also put up individual schedules for the various publishers, developers and other presenters over the weekend, including some with embedded livestreams so you can watch E3 live with us.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at this year’s E3 schedule, filled to the brim with publishers and developers of all your favorite games. Remember to save the dates!

E3 2019

(Special) EA Play 2019 – June 8 and June 9

Although not technically part of E3, you can still consider Electronic Arts’ showcase to be a warm-up of things to come for the biggest event in gaming. The event will be held over two days, June 8 and June 9, which is the weekend before E3. Check out the full schedule of events below to see which games will EA present at their stage.

June 8, Saturday

  • 12:15PM ET – Countdown to EA Play
  • 12:30PM ET – Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, as hosted by online personalities Greg Miller and Andrea Rene
  • 1:00PM ET – Apex Legends, as hosted by commentator Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez
  • 1:30PM ET – Battlefield V, as hosted by online personality Julia Hardy and EA’s Adam Freeman
  • 2:00PM ET – EA Sports FIFA, as hosted by Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez
  • 2:30PM ET – EA Sports Madden NFL, as hosted by NFL Network’s Adam Rank
  • 3:00PM ET – The Sims 4, as hosted by Andrea Rene

The entirety of June 9, Sunday, will be devoted to hands-on demos with attendees for the event, so unless you’re personally attending you can skip this one out. As for June 8’s schedule of events, you can watch the whole thing live on EA’s outlets like YouTube and Twitch.

Xbox E3 2019 Briefing – June 9

Kicking things off on Sunday is Microsoft and Xbox, with all eyes on them for this year’s event. The company’s notable console rival, PlayStation, is not attending E3 this year, which means that this is Xbox’s time to shine as we start the move into the next generation of consoles.

If you like spicy speculations and possible leaks and rumors, check out an overview here. Microsoft’s keynote is expected to last for two hours, which, according to them, will be the stage for 14 new titles, all from Xbox Game Studios.

We don’t have a schedule of events for this one, as Microsoft and Xbox have been pretty mum on what the games will be, besides some mild teasers here and there. However, the event will debut on June 9, Sunday, two days before the actual E3 show floor opens. Check out more details on it below.

Be sure to check in with us afterwards for a breakdown of everything announced during Microsoft’s presentation.

Bethesda Softworks – June 9

Bethesda has grabbed the biggest mural for E3 this year, featuring an incredibly epic spread of Doom Eternal. The company has also noted its plans for the event, and although there’s no definite schedule of events, we can expect a closer look at the upcoming Doom Eternal. Legendary director Shinji Mikami will also be at E3 this year, and as he is currently at Tango Gameworks, which itself is a subsidiary of Bethesda, we can expect him to be onstage as well for this year.

Devolver Digital – June 9

The ‘Big Fancy Press Conference’ is back to further muddle its lore and bring about some actual humor into this year’s E3. Of course, there’s some garbage – er, games, too. Three of them, in fact, if Devolver follows up on its promises from its Discord channel. Expect to see My Friend Pedro in some capacity, as it’s been given a release date for June 20.

  • When to watch – June 9 at 10:00PM ET
  • Where to watch – Twitch, YouTube

The E3VR Showcase – June 10

A livestream dedicated to showing off over 30 upcoming virtual reality titles from various developers across multiple platforms. Some of the titles will even be world premiere games, so be sure to check in if you're looking for something new for your VR headset.

  • When to watch – June 10 at 12:00PM ET
  • Where to watch – YouTube

PC Gaming Show – June 10

PC Gamer’s annual PC Gaming Show at E3 is the place to be for the latest in PC gaming titles, from developers and publishers both big and small. This year’s sponsor is the Epic Games Store, in a bid to break into the PC gaming market. Check out an in-depth look at the titles to be presented here, with some surprises in store for everyone on the day of the event.

Limited Run Games – June 10

The famed publisher of limited-edition physical releases will have several announcements to make, including upcoming releases. The company will also reveal its entire remaining slate of titles for the PlayStation Vita, as it now moves into obsoletion.

  • When to watch – June 10 at 3:00PM ET
  • Where to watch – Twitch

Ubisoft UbiE3 2019 – June 10

The French video game company is showing off a lot of stuff this year, ranging from existing content for The Division 2, For Honor, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, and Rainbow Six Siege to new releases, such as the leaked Roller Champions and Watch Dogs Legion.

  • When to watch – June 10 at 4:00PM ET; Pre-Show starts at 3:00PM ET
  • Where to watch – Twitch, YouTube, Mixer

Kinda Funny Games Showcase – June 10

The Kinda Funny Games Showcase is expected to debut over 60 independently-developed titles.

  • When to watch – June 10 at 7:30PM
  • Where to watch – Twitch, YouTube

Square Enix E3 2019 Showcase – June 10

The Japanese video game developer/publisher will make big announcements at its E3 Stage this year, including titles like Dying Light 2, Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, Marvel’s Avengers, Outriders and so much more. As of this moment, Final Fantasy VII Remake is still not confirmed, although the developers did say to wait until June for more information.

Nintendo E3 2019 Direct – June 11

The main expo will be kicked off by none other than Nintendo, who will hold their famous Direct presentation for E3 this year. Expect to see announcements for all the latest Nintendo titles, with the rest of E3 devoted to Treehouse presentations and gameplay demos.

Remember to check in with us after every conference for our breakdown of what we saw for each presentation. Enjoy your E3 presentations, folks!

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