Rumor: Watch Dogs Legion Is The Third Title In The Series, Lets You Play As Any NPC

A dystopian story set in a post-Brexit London.
If rumors are to be believed, the London-based Watch Dogs 3 will get a reveal from Ubisoft within the next few days.
If rumors are to be believed, the London-based Watch Dogs 3 will get a reveal from Ubisoft within the next few days. Ubisoft

In spectacular fashion, another Ubisoft title leaks once again before its official announcement.

On some level, I’m not entirely surprised. I was subconsciously waiting for it, even. Ubisoft titles have the tendency to leak just before their big announcements. Just in the previous month alone, we were witnesses to Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint leaking a day ahead of its official reveal, down to the pre-order bonuses and various gameplay mechanics. Ahead of E3, which is just around the corner, Ubisoft’s next big title Roller Champions was also leaked. The game is supposed to make its big appearance at E3 this year, and is possibly one of the four AAA titles to drop sometime between now and March 2020 for Ubisoft.

We now have another possible one, this time all but confirmed as the leak comes directly from a now-deleted listing on Amazon. It looks like another Watch Dogs title is in the works, this one set in London featuring an entirely new mechanic. The title is allegedly called Watch Dogs Legion, and you can see some screenshots for the leaked Amazon listing below, which has some story and gameplay details.

And there you have it. According to the description, Watch Dogs Legion is set in a near-future dystopian version of London post-Brexit. The changed landscape gave way to a massive shift in society, politics and technology. The blurb then goes on a weird tangent, which may suggest that the listing was incomplete at the time of posting. It states that London is one of the most iconic cities in the world, and as such it makes perfect sense for the setting to be there, due to the city’s influence on all of Western Culture. The city also boasts one of the highest surveillance levels in the world, which makes perfect sense to the setting of Watch Dogs.

That new mechanic I was talking about comes in the form of the ability to play as anyone. I’m not sure just how encompassing “anyone” really is, and to some extent the gameplay description states that every individual has a full set of animations, voice over and various character traits and visuals, making them unique from each other. It’s still unclear how this will work in the game, or if you still have a primary protagonist to play as. As far as leaks go, this one is still half-baked.

In any case, expect more coverage from us as soon as any news drops.

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