Square Enix Teases Outriders, A Brand-New IP, For E3 2019

A sci-fi title with a very creepy atmosphere, to say the least.
That's a bit unsettling, to say the least.
That's a bit unsettling, to say the least. Square Enix

Square Enix’s presence at this year’s E3 stage is looking very promising, indeed, and that is just counting two of the planned announcements. First off, there’s Crystal Dynamics and Marvel’s Avengers, which has finally been confirmed to officially debut on the E3 stage after a teaser back in 2017. Then, despite the absence of Sony at E3 this year, we have one of their biggest upcoming titles all set for the stage (though not quite officially confirmed). Final Fantasy VII Remake just got a whole new trailer last month during State of Play, with Square Enix teasing more to come this June. If it’s not at E3 this year, then that seems like a mistake.

There are of course the smaller titles, such as Techland announcing that they found a publisher for Dying Light 2 in Square Enix, which means that we’ll get to see the game debut on the company’s stage. Then, we have this relatively new one: a curious title called Outriders, which comes out of nowhere for an announcement on Square Enix’s E3 stage.

Outriders has been active on Twitter since May 1, and it has made only 13 tweets since then. By the looks of it, Outriders is a sci-fi title, and the tweets themselves refer to mission logs made by a Captain Simon B. Archan. Check out the latest of these tweets below, finally announcing the game’s arrival at E3 2019 via the Square Enix presentation.

The tweets start out with a mission log stating that the launch of a ship named Flores was successful, and that it has set a course for Enoch. Some of the logs show that the missions are an evacuation of Earth, with the Flores being home to cryopods, possibly containing other humans to repopulate Enoch with. After several hiccups during the journey, the Flores finally makes it to Enoch, and the final tweet is that of Captain Archan awaking from cryosleep.

This new title is very interesting, to say the least. Then again, all new IPs are, but this one is one I’m eagerly awaiting as I’m a sucker for space games. I’m just hoping it’s a horror title as well, to scratch that Dead Space itch.

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