PC Gaming Show Returns To E3, Developers In Attendance Announced

Sponsored this year by the Epic Games Store.
PC Gamer's E3 PC Gaming Show is back again this year.
PC Gamer's E3 PC Gaming Show is back again this year. PC Gamer

Every year since 2016, online publication PC Gamer has put together a one-of-a-kind, PC-only panel at E3 called the PC Gaming Show. It’s a panel filled with developers, publishers and voices of the industry known to the PC gaming public, on the mission to bring the best and latest in terms of titles and other innovations at E3.

This year promises to be bigger than the last, as PC Gamer has released the confirmed panelists for the event. Back in 2018, Coffee Stain’s Satisfactory made its first appearance on the PC Gaming Show. Raw Fury’s Sable also debuted, with a 2019 release incoming. It was also here that we learned of Yakuza’s arrival on the PC platform, much to the surprise and celebration from fans of the series.

Here is the list of confirmed developers (so far) for the PC Gaming Show 2019 at E3, along with possible titles they may show at the event.

  • Annapurna Interactive – the Ashen and Gone Home publisher has a pretty full slate, with titles like Outer Wilds and Telling Lies expected to drop this year. We may also hear about Wattam, which has been in development for about five years now, and see if it’s any closer to completion. Annapurna is also involved in an upcoming port of Journey to the PC platform.
  • Chucklefish – the London-based publisher best known for Stardew Valley has two games confirmed for this year: Inmost, a puzzle platformer, and Starmancer, a Dwarf Fortress­-inspired title set in space.
  • Digital Extremes – the developer and publisher best known for Warframe has not made any new announcements regarding new IPs, so their appearance on the panel may be related only to updates for Warframe.
  • Digital Uppercut – a relatively new face in the scene, Digital Uppercut currently has three titles yet to be released: Valfaris, Unto the End and To Azimuth.
  • Fatshark – the Swedish-based developer of Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is expected to make an appearance, although it remains to be seen what games they will bring to the panel.
  • Fellow Traveller – following the success of the recent LudoNarraCon, the publisher hopes to follow it up by possibly showing more about their upcoming titles, The Church in the Darkness and Neo Cab.
  • Modus Games – the publisher behind the hit indie title Degrees of Separation (play it with a date) will make an appearance on the PC Gaming Show as well, with one of their upcoming titles being the fourth iteration of the Trine series, Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince.
  • Raw Fury – the also Swedish-based developer behind Whispers of a Machine, Dandara and Bad North will possibly show off more of Sable, as well as the upcoming platformer The Last Night.
  • Re-Logic – the developer behind the hit indie title Terraria is also expected to make an appearance, although there’s no word about their upcoming games.

In addition to this developers and publishers, the event is being sponsored this year by none other than the Epic Games Store, who will probably announce some new exclusives for their burgeoning platform.

The PC Gaming Show will go live this June 10 at 1:00 p.m. EDT on PC Gamer’s official Twitch account.


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