Square Enix Debuts Marvel's Avengers At E3 2019

The presenation is airing on June 10, 9PM ET.
Square Enix will debut its newest title, Marvel's Avengers, during their E3 2019 presentation.
Square Enix will debut its newest title, Marvel's Avengers, during their E3 2019 presentation. Square Enix

The speculation and clues have proven to be correct, as Square Enix has finally, officially announced that its Avengers game will debut on the E3 2019 stage.

It’s been a long two and a half years since The Avengers Project was teased back in January 2017, intended as the start of a “multi-year, multi-game partnership” between Square Enix and Marvel, with focus on developing big-budget AAA titles for the entirety of the Marvel universe. Of course, since the time that The Avengers Project (the game’s working title back in 2017) was announced, we saw a major shift in the property as the end of the Infinity Saga has come and gone with Avengers Endgame. Now’s as good a time as any, then, to announce this newest project. Here’s everything we have so far on Marvel's Avengers, and what it’s all about.

The Square Enix E3 press conference will be held on June 10, at 9:00 p.m. EDT. During their time on the E3 stage, the Japanese video game developer is expected to officially debut Marvel’s Avengers, which was teased by the official Twitter page of the game. Check out the tweet below.

It’s certainly been a long time coming. If you recall, the first teaser showed off some iconic Avengers imagery, and stated that more information on the title will be revealed in 2018. Well, it’s 2019 now, and I’d say that everyone who is invested in this deserves at least a little information by now. Check out the moody, yet hopeful teaser below, which sets the stage during an era when people are saying that “the time of heroes is over.”

Marvel’s Avengers is being developed by Crystal Dynamics, best known for their reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise. Judging from what we’ve all seen them do for Lara Croft and her outing in a modern setting, I’d say they’re more than up for the challenges that will come with a title as big as the Avengers. In any case, they’ll have an amazing creative director in Shaun Escayg, who’s best known for his work on The Last of Us and the Uncharted series.

Aside from all of these things, we should get a clearer picture once E3 2019 finally starts, which is two weeks from now. Expect more coverage from us as soon as the information drops.


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