Dragon Star Varnir Gets A New English Trailer, Release Date Set For June 11

Idea Factory International's latest RPG is set for release next week.
Dragon Star Varnir gets a PlayStation 4 launch date set for June 11.
Dragon Star Varnir gets a PlayStation 4 launch date set for June 11. Idea Factory International

Idea Factory and Compile Heart’s latest role-playing game, Dragon Star Varnir, launched a new trailer as the day of release draws near.

The trailer focuses on the journey of Zephy as he travels across the pillars of 3-Tiered Battles, which includes the Devour, Dragon Awakening, and Dragon Core Systems in order to release the Witches of Varneria from the curse placed upon them. Zephy’s mission is to track down witches, which then leads him back to his enemies from the past. You will be able to fight against dragons in midair through turn-based combat as you use tiers, transformations, and more skills that let you weaken and devour opponents. The lives of three witches rest in your hands; you can either save them or sacrifice them for your own gain. Every decision you make will change the course of events in the game.

There are some great features to look forward to in Dragon Star Varnir, including a vertically-oriented battle system. This allows you to battle enemies in midair. You can use this to your advantage by positioning your team on different tiers so that you can weaken the enemy at every level. If you are able to perform perfect attacks, you will be able to awaken the dragon within you. You can transform the character to learn even greater skills and gain tremendous strength as you battle.

You can also weaken dragons and then devour their skills. Once the skills are taken in by your character, the dragon’s skill tree will become yours. The lives of three witches depend on you, and their survival hinges on you feeding them, but they only feed on dragon’s blood. If they starve, they’ll go berserk. If they have too much dragon’s blood, they’ll become dragons themselves. You can either keep them alive or offer them as sacrifice to get ultra-rare items and skills.

Dragon Star Varnir is a PlayStation 4 exclusive that will be launched on June 11 in North America and June 14 in Europe. You can pre-order it on their official website for $59.99. What do you think about this new role-playing game? Are you also looking forward to its upcoming release? Tell us about it in the comments below.


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