Dragon Ball: The Breakers Season 2 Brings Saiyan Prince Vegeta

The Saiyan Prince has arrived.
The Saiyan Prince has arrived. Bandai Namco

Fans of Dragon Ball: The Breakers should be happy to know that Season 2 is now live. We say happy because this new season introduces Vegeta as one of the Raiders. It doesn't stop there since Vegeta arrives in the game with three distinct forms, each having an arsenal of attacks.

Like all Raiders, the Saiyan Prince can evolve during each match allowing him to grow both his power and arsenal with each transformation. The forms are:

  • First Form: Saibaman
    • As Raiders, players start the match as one of many Saibaman on the map where they can switch control between each.
    • To evolve, they need to have their HP reach zero or use the “self-destruct” skill on a Survivor.
  • Second form: Nappa
    • Nappa can evolve by defeating civilians and injuring Survivors.
    • He can plant Saibaman to ambush players.
    • Nappa can also use a Scouter to highlight nearby Survivors.
    • If Nappa fills his evolution energy, or if he is defeated by Survivors, he can evolve to Vegeta.
  • Third form: Vegeta
    • Vegeta gives players abilities like using a Scouter to highlight nearby Survivors or “Call Nappa” skill to search for Survivors if he was not previously defeated.
    • Players can transform from Vegeta into the Great Ape – fourth and final form – in two ways:
      • The first is to create a Power Ball, an energy sphere used by Saiyans that mimics the full moon.
      • The second is to gather all seven Dragon Balls and summon Shenron, who then creates a full moon allowing them to transform.
  • Fourth form: Great Ape
    • Vegeta’s final form as the Great Ape is considered as the most powerful Raider in the game.
    • This form has devastating attacks and a wide range of moves.
    • He is also invulnerable to attacks anywhere except his one weakness, the tail.

New Map

Aside from introducing a new Raider, Season 2 also adds the new "Rocky Field" map which features the iconic Korin Tower. There is also a new Dragon Tier that allows players to earn new skins by unlocking ranks.

Other New Content

There’s also new content to enjoy including two new Transphere skills of Survivors which are:

  • Instant Transmission
    • Allow players to find allies and reach them instantly.
  • Ki Control
    • Lowers how long the Ki effect lasts when caught while hiding from a Raider.

For new skins, the ones being offered are based on Classic Dragon Ball characters like Chi-chi, Yajirobe, and King Furry. The King Furry skin can be obtained by progressing through the Dragon Tier. Meanwhile, the Raider, Survivor skins, customization items, and Transphere skills can be obtained by using TP Tokens in the in-game shop.

Season 2 arrives in the game with Patch 2.0 which you can read about here.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers is available on PC through Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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