Dota Underlords Wants You To Retake White Spire

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It's to retake the city... again.
It's to retake the city... again. Valve

Back in February of this year, Dota Underlords released its first City Crawl campaign with White Spire. Considering the time that has passed, there’s no question that many players already finished the campaign. With many players now in a stay at home situation, Dota Underlords is making sure that happens as it launched its City Crawl Prestige.

What does this all mean? It's simple, really. For those who managed to take over the entire White Spire, they are given the choice of Prestiging. When this option is chosen, the entire city is reset. By reset it means everything, even the Streetfight items. Not only that, the City Crawl is going to be much harder. However Streetfight items earned are going to be stronger, so hopefully that should be enough motivation to keep going.

Players that managed to complete the City Crawl at least once get to have a Prestige Seal on their Wanted Poster for everyone to see. That’s not all, as once you finish it the second time, you can actually do it again. This means players can Prestige multiple times.

Update Changes

The Prestige feature for City Crawl arrived with the latest update and today we also dive into some other changes a bit deeper.

For the Underlords, only Hobgen had a change and he got a bit of a buff. The cooldown to his Friendly Fire has been lowered to 13 from 15.

Meanwhile, two heroes underwent changes. Crystal Maiden got a rather good buff with her attack rate change to 0.667 and her maximum health increased to [700, 1400, 2800]. The duration of her Frostbite is no longer scaled and has been set at 5 regardless of the level.

Legion Commander, meanwhile, got hit with a nerf with the minimum and maximum values of Attack Damage lowered. The minimum value is now at [40, 60, 120] from [40, 80, 160], while the maximum is now at [50, 75, 150] from [50, 100, 200]. The new update also fixed an issue where Legion Commander could still heal from the last hit of a duel.

Going to Alliance changes, there were four. Heal Bonus Percent for Healer has been lowered to [25, 45] while Mana Gain of Human Alliance was upped to [4, 8, 15]. Extra Magic Damage for the Mage was lowered to [35, 70] with the Magic Resistance of Scaled improved to [20, 50].

You can view the complete patch notes here.

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