Dota Underlords Puts The Brakes On Bloodseeker In Newest Update

Putting the brakes on the seeker of blood.
Putting the brakes on the seeker of blood. Valve

If you've been playing Dota Underlords, you're probably one of those who've been having problems with Bloodseeker. Turns out, the team at Valve may have been looking into this as Bloodskeer looks to have been nerfed in the newest update. On the other side of the equation, Shadow Shaman got a buff.

For Bloodseeker, his skill is Bloodrage, a passive that lets him gain attack speed as the health of the enemy drops. The skill also lets him regain a portion of the enemy's max health when killed. With the update, the maximum bonus attack speed is now lowered to 30 from 500. In addition, the health gained is not longer scaled and is now at 30%, regardless of Bloodseeker's level.

Meanwhile, Shadow Shaman had his maximum mana lowered to 70 from 100. While this may appear to be a nerf, his Mass Serpent Ward has been improved. The mana cost was changed as well to 70 while the cooldown is lowered to 20 from 60. In addition, Shadow Shaman now tries to target an enemy and position wards in such a way that all four wards can be summoned. Finally, for the wards themselves, their health has been increased from 300/400/500 to 360/480/600.

Other hero changes include:

  • Earth Spirit
    • Geomagnetic Grip
      • Cooldown changed from 20/18/16 to 8
  • Io
    • Tether
      • Tethers no longer snap when Io is BROKEN. However, the tether target does not gain any benefit from the tether if the target itself is BROKEN.
  • Legion Commander
    • Duel
      • Both Legion Commander and her target cannot receive healing while the Duel is active.
  • Queen of Pain
    • Assassin blink duration changed from 1.0 to 1.25
  • Tusk
    • Walrus PUNCH!
      • Can still be cast while Tusk is BROKEN

For the Alliance, two of them have been improved. The Primordial Alliance now tries to summon Eidolons as much as two cells away, especially if nearby cells are occupied. For Void, a 0.5 second cooldown was added to damage proc. This means that regardless of how fast the unit is attacking, the additional pure damage cannot proc more frequently than once every 0.5 seconds.

There were three items that also had changes. First is that Resurrection time for Aegis of the Immortal is now three seconds instead of five. In addition, the effect is no longer disabled by BREAK. For Kaden's Blade, when the carrier is BROKEN, the carrier has normal attack instead. Then there is Quelling Blade, which no longer summons outside of the carrying unit's attack range.

You can read the rest of the changes here.

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