Dota 2 StarLadder ImbaTV Minor: Four Teams Remain As Playoffs Start Tomorrow

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Four teams eliminated.
Four teams eliminated. Wykrhm Reddy

The Dota 2 StarLadder ImbaTV Minor is halfway over, and four teams are advanding to the Playoffs while the other four have been sent home. For Group A, BOOM Esports surprised everyone and joined Team Aster. Meanwhile, Alliance managed to have a good performance in Group B and is now in the Playoffs with Gambit Esports.

Group A

Matches for the group stared with the Loser's Match as business associates took on BOOM. In the first game, ba had a slight lead, only for BOOM to later shift the game in their favor. In the second game, ba again had the lead, but with four members dying around the 32-minute mark, the balance went to BOOM.

However, ba managed to recover and closed out the game for the win. In the third game, BOOM started out strong, and while there where instances when it appeared that ba could catch up, BOOM managed to get the advantage back. When BOOM managed to wipe out ba, they went for the GG push and eventually got the win.

Up next was BOOM versus forZe esports. The first game was all forZe, who gradually took the lead and never looked back. However, BOOM fought back in the second game and when an opportunity opened, they went for it and grabbed the win. By the time the third game rolled in, it was all BOOM as they skated on by to secure a playoffs spot.

Group B

In Group B it was a chance for CR4ZY to prove that they had what it took. However, the first game was all about NoPing Esports as they limited CR4ZY to four kills and got the win. CR4ZY didn't want any of this and striked back at NoPing. With Jonathan Bryle "Bryle" Santos De Guia on Ember Spirit just going at it, he ended the match with 20 kills and a victory for this team. In the third game, Bryle continued with his excellent performance and with help from Oliver "skiter" Lepko, got the win for the team.

That meant a Decider Match against Alliance. Alliance dominated CR4ZY to get the final Playoffs spot.

Playoffs start tomorrow and it’s going to be Team Aster vs Alliance. Gambit Esports vs BOOM Esports will play in the other match.

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