Dota 2 Spring Tour WEU: OG Tied at First Place with Gaimin Gladiators

Interesting results.
Interesting results. Valve

The Dota 2 Spring Tour is about to end with most regions having three matches left. In Western Europe, OG is tied at first place with Gaimin Gladiators. The two teams are pretty much guaranteed to be headed to the next Major. With four slots allotted for the region, it looks like a fight is coming for the last two slots.

To get an idea of what we're talking about, here are the top five teams in the running:

  • Gaimin Gladiators: 5-1
  • OG: 5-1
  • Team Liquid: 4-2
  • Team Secret: 3-4
  • Tundra Esports: 3-3

Of the teams mentioned, only Secret has no more matches left to play. That's because the matches left are:

  • April 19
    • Tundra vs. Brame
    • OG vs. Entity
  • April 20
    • Liquid vs. Gaimin


Let's start with the Tundra vs. Brame match. If Tundra wins, then it's goodbye Majors for Secret. But if Tundra loses, a tiebreaker match has to be played to determine who's going to the Major. This means no matter what the result of the match is, the top three teams are guaranteed their spot. The only thing left is the placement, and it gets a bit complicated if Tundra wins.

If Tundra wins, Liquid needs to win to secure a finish within the top three. If they lose, they tie with Tundra. In addition, if Liquid wins, they tie with Gaimin in the standings with 5-2. Like we said, complicated.

At this point some of you may be wondering, but what about OG? The way things are going, they’re likely to end the season at least in second place, which is a really good feat considering it has a new roster.

Division II

While the fight at the top is exciting, there's some sad news. Nigma Galaxy is headed to Division II for next season. It looks like the team has been having a hard time this season. Not to say that it had a good showing last season.

Speaking of Division II, fans of Alliance should be happy to know that the team is returning to Division I. We’ll see if their experience in Division II is going to have an impact on their upcoming performance in Division I.

What do you think so far of the results in this region?

Dota 2 is available on PC.

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