Dota 2: Fountain Farming Has Been Limited with Patch 7.31

Bad news for farmers.
Bad news for farmers. Valve

The recently released Patch 7.31 for Dota 2 brought several changes, such as the rework for Techies and a new hero. Included as well are the balancing changes for heroes and items.

One change that many players are sure to love is the limitation placed on fountain farming. If you’re on the offensive side, then it can be fun. However, it’s not a good feeling for those on the defensive.

In this update, the big change is if there’s at least one enemy hero in the base and the player’s hero respawns at the fountain, they will be invulnerable until the player issues a command. That means players can just chill at the fountain and wait for the opponent to leave.

While it’s not really solving the problem itself, it gives those on the receiving end a bit of breathing room.

New Computations

There are also changes made to some of the formulas related to gold and XP. Not to worry since we won’t really go into the math. It’s enough to know that the base hero gold bounty has been increased by five.

Both formulas for gold streak and XP streak have been reworked. The effect is that smaller streaks will have lower payouts while higher streaks have higher payouts. Confused?

Let’s say you managed to get three straight kills. That should have gotten you 170 bounty gold. The change means you now only get 150 bounty gold. If you manage to get a seven-kill streak, the past formula gives you 310 bounty gold. The rework in Patch 7.31 now hands out 450 bounty gold.

Go ahead and see how long of a streak you can have. You can try it with the new hero Primal Beast or the reworked Techies.

New Abilities

Another big change introduced is for neutral creeps to make the gameplay more interesting. Most of them have had abilities added to them. You can learn more about what those changes are here.

One change that impacts all creeps is that attack and armor types are now represented through abilities. These new abilities aren't stealable and include:

  • Piercing
    • Piercing units deal 150% bonus damage to non-hero units and 50% less damage to Standard Units.
  • Reinforced
    • Reinforced units deal 150% bonus damage to other Reinforced units and reduce damage received from heroes by 50% and from non-hero units by 30%.
  • Runty
    • Runty units deal 25% less damage to heroes

Read more about the different changes introduced in the game with Patch 7.31 here.

Dota 2 is available on PC.

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