Dota 2 Roster News: VP Signs New Roster for Prodigy

There's a new team in town.
There's a new team in town.

Looks like Dota 2 team is at it again with the signing of a new roster for VP.Prodigy. Instead of just signing different players, they decided to get a complete roster composed of those from Team Generation.

The Youth Team

VP.Prodigy was first created on April 1 of last year. The idea for this second team, as explained by VP General Manager Sergey Glamazda, was to have a team of young players and allow them to get experience on the professional scene. Through this format, it was hoped that they would do without experiencing any of the pressure, which teams typically go through.

This was not the first time that a team had done this. OG did the same thing with OG.Seed back in November 2019. The objective was pretty similar in that OG wanted to help support a team of players, who would be able to reach the achievements they should. However, OG.Seed couldn't perform as expected and the entire roster was released in July 2020.

New Team Rising

In the case of VP.Prodigy, the roster showed some good performances, including the win against the then main VP roster at the Epic Prime League Season 1. It wasn’t a surprise to learn that by October 2020, two members made the decision to leave and join other teams. But the organization itself managed to make up for it by signing two new members by the next month.

Unfortunately, the main VP roster had been put on an inactive status and it wouldn’t be long before members of VP.Prodigy got promoted to the main team.

Team Generation Signed

The latest move signed the entire roster of Team Generation to make the new VP.Prodigy. CEO Glamazda said they’ve actually had their eye on that team since last year and even supported them with a grant in summer 2020. It appears that they might have been signed early on but VP didn’t want to announce it yet to see their performance on stage without the pressure. By making it to the Lower Division of the DPC 2021, Glamazda revealed that it showed they were more than “ready for the public attention and worthy of representing the VP.Prodigy brand.”

Exciting as this announcement is, what makes it even more interesting is that there’s a VP team in the Upper Division and Lower Division for CIS. If both teams manage to do well, there’s a chance that the two VP teams are going to be in one division for Season 2. What’s going to happen then?

That’s still in the future so let’s enjoy for now and see how this new VP.Prodigy lineup performs.

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