Dota 2 Patch 7.22c Released, Skywrath Mage And Enchantress Buffed

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Dota 2 Patch 7.22c
Dota 2 Patch 7.22c Valve

Valve once again surprised the Dota 2 community as it released another update. With the EPICENTER Major just two weeks away, the invited and qualified teams have no choice but to see how update 7.22c affects the meta.

For 7.22c, the only change in items is the Ring of Basilius, which has bonus damage increased to +8 from +7. Since Ring of Basilius is a component for Vladmir's Offering, the buff could mean that it is a good choice for an early item.

It is the hero changes, however, that makes this patch rather interesting. One minor, but good buff is increasing Axe's base movement speed by 10. This works well with his Battle Hunger, since the skill is impacted by the base movement speed. Chaos Knight also had some minor buff with the manacost of Chaos Bolt reduced and scaled from 140 and is now 110/120/130/140.

One interesting buff is on Enchantress, which has her Impetus range increased to 575 and now matches her attack range. In addition, the cooldown for her Enchant skill has been lowered to 20/16/12/8.

Skywrath Mage has been buffed as well with Concussive Shot damage increased to 100/160/220/280. Level 10 Talent, meanwhile, has been changed from the +8 Intelligence to a 30% XP Gain.

An interesting change appears to be Tinker, which has its Level 15 Talent change to +150 Gold/Min from +30 Movement Speed. Valve likely understood the meta for this hero and is looking at how players will adapt.

It’s not all about buffs, as some heroes have been nerfed as well.

Dark Willow is in the update again with a change that can go either way. While her base attack speed has been increased to 115, the max damage duration for her Shadow Realm is now lower at 3.5 seconds.

Chen underwent a lot of changes beginning with his Divine Favor aura, which now no longer provides the additional damage of +4/8/12/16. Rather than Holy Persuasion, the Divine Favor instead now has the Recall ability with a 60-second cooldown.

Morphling has the cooldown of Waveform increased to 20/17/14/11 with the manacost increased as well to 150/155/160/165.

You can view the full changes for patch 7.22c here.

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