Dota 2 Last Chance Qualifiers: T1 vs. Team Secret and vs. Team Liquid in Upper Bracket

The fight is on!
The fight is on! Valve

The competition is heating up as the first round of the playoffs for the Last Chance Qualifiers is done. Four Dota 2 teams are moving to the Upper Bracket Semifinals and it’s going to be interesting matchups. The first one is T1 versus Team Secret while the second is versus Team Liquid.

At the Lower Bracket, there are also some interesting matchups that fans can look forward to. However, the end of the first round means that teams have been eliminated with no chance to join this year’s The International. The four teams leaving the competition are Tempest, Infamous, Nouns, and Polaris Esports.

Here’s our quick take on the matchups and predictions:

  • T1 vs. Team Secret
    • Prediction: This is a bit difficult but we’re giving it to T1 in three games.
  • vs. Team Liquid
    • Prediction: Both teams are hungry for a shot to be in TI. We’re going with Liquid on this one since they’ve been consistent so far. It’s going to take them three games though.
  • Natus Vincere vs. Xtreme Gaming
    • Prediction: Xtreme Gaming was seen by many to be a contender so it’s surprising to see them in the Lower Bracket. However, they have a chance to work their way to the top, so we see them taking the series in three games.
  • ​Vici Gaming vs. Wildcard Gaming
    • Prediction: Wildcard has been struggling so it’s likely VG in two games.

What about you? Who do you think is moving to the next stages of the competition?

New Bundle

A new bundle has been released for the Battle Pass. It's the Age of Attrition Prestige bundle that features none other than the Primal Beast, available to those who reach level 223 on the Battle Pass.

With TI11 a few weeks away, the release of this bundle is likely an attempt to increase the prize pool. The prize pool hasn't been performing as expected. The Battle Pass has been running for 38 days and the prize pool is still at $13.5 million. At this rate, reaching $20 million would probably be a miracle.

What are your thoughts on a lower prize pool?

Dota 2 is available on PC.

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