Dota 2 Introduces Innate Abilities and Facets with Latest Update

A new way to play the game. Valve

Valve released a new update for Dota 2 and it's one that once again changes how the game is played. There are two new mechanics introduced by update 7.36. The first is Innate Ability, which works like a passive ability but with a twist. Second is Facets, which gives players a choice on how to play a certain hero.

Let's start with Innate Abilities. These are abilities that are present on the hero from the start of each match up to the entire game. Unlike a passive ability, this one is already available. Each hero has a unique Innate Ability. We've actually experienced some of these like Monkey King's Mischief.

Here's the thing, there are actually two types of Innate Abilities. The first one is where the hero gets a unique effect. Dawnbreaker's Innate Ability for example is known as Break of Dawn. What happens is that whenever the sun rises, the hero slowly reveals the entire map to allies over four seconds. The Fog of War then returns one second after that. Interesting right?

There are also Innate Abilities which change a hero ability to have five levels and get a free ability point at level 1. Legion Commander's Innate Ability for example is Moment of Courage and starts at level 1 and can be leveled up using skill points. Lifestealer's Feast meanwhile levels up with Infest.

Make the Choice

While it's clear that the Innate Abilities mechanic does change how the game is played, the addition of Facets creates a bigger impact. It's basically a hero customization choice that aligns better with the playstyle of a player. Each hero has at least two Facets and players can choose which one to go for at the start of each match. Once chosen, they can no longer be changed. In addition, the choices for Facet are only revealed to the enemy once the game officially starts.

To understand, let's take some examples. Viper can choose between Poison Burst, which adds AoE damage burst to its poison attack or Caustic Bath which gives the hero defensive buffs while in Nethertoxin. Axe meanwhile has One Man Army which allows him to increase his armor as long as there are no allied heroes within a certain radius or choose Call Out which can increase bonus armor.

Check out the complete list of Innate Abilities and Facets here.

Dota 2 is available for the PC.

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