Dota 2 The International Qualifiers: Royal Never Give Up Dominated China, Now Headed to TI

Never give up!
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China is considered not only as having some of the best teams in Dota 2 but also the most competitive. The good news for teams in this region is that PSG.LGD and Team Aster have already obtained a direct invite to The International 2022. There's no question that the qualifiers were truly an intense competition. After five days, it was Royal Never Give Up that came out on top and obtained that previous spot in this year's TI.

The win can be considered as expected. After all, RNG worked their way up during the 2021-2022 DPC. At Tour 1, the team finished third place and dropped fourth place during Tour 2. The team finished first place for Tour 3.

During the initial matches of the China Qualifier, RNG swept their first two opponents Ybb Gaming and Aster.Aries at 2-0. In their match against Xtreme Gaming, they lost the first game. However, they managed to make up for it in the second game and claimed victory in the third game. This propelled them to the Grand Final.

They would again face Xtreme in the Grand Final. This time, however, RNG wouldn't give their opponents the upper hand. In the first game, RNG dominated with Lu "Somnus" Yao getting 20 kills on Puck. It didn't help Xtreme that Daniel "Ghost" Chan Kok Hong contributed 12 kills for RNG on Bloodseeker.

The second game was a close battle with Xtreme getting a lead in the mid-game. However, RNG turned things around with Somnus having 21 kills on Queen of Pain and Ghost getting 10 kills on Bristleback.

In the third game, it appeared that Xtreme was almost out of it. Again, it was Somnus on Queen of Pain that had the highest kills at 14. Instead of Ghost, it was now Yang "Chalice" Shenyi that helped with 10 kills on Necrophos.

Last Chance Qualifier

With RNG winning and now heading to TI, Xtreme Gaming and Vici Gaming are off to the Last Chance Qualifier. So far, the teams in this competition are:

  • Eastern Europe
    • Outsiders
    • Natus Vincere
  • South America
    • Infamous
    • Tempest
  • North America
    • nouns
    • Wildcard Gaming

Dota 2 is available on PC.

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