Dota 2 The International Qualifiers: BetBoom Sweeps Outsiders to Claim Eastern Europe Spot

Getting that precious TI spot.
Getting that precious TI spot. Twitter/@BetBoomTeam

When the Eastern Europe Qualifiers for The International started, a lot of Dota 2 fans considered Outsiders as the team to beat. Not surprising because they initially were expected of getting a direct invite from Valve, but to later say that they didn’t make it.

BetBoom changed everything by showing that the region wasn’t all about Outsiders; BetBoom did it in style. They had been relegated to the Lower Bracket in the middle of the competition. However, they worked their way to the Grand Final by dominating their opponents.

At the Grand Final, they faced the crowd's favorite Outsiders. However, BetBoom didn’t give Outsiders room to breathe. BetBoom was pretty much in the lead for most of the game and they closed it in just above 31 minutes. The second game took a little longer but Denis "Larl" Sigitov had a really good performance with 16 kills on his Sniper.

In the third game, Outsiders took the lead early. At the 13-minute mark, they went for Roshan but BetBoom was prepared and managed to stop what Outsiders were planning. After that, it was all BetBoom. At the 25-minute mark, it was now BetBoom going for Roshan and when Outsiders failed in the team fight, the latter called GG.

BetBoom is now the second Eastern Europe team to be part of The International after Team Spirit.

What's Next for Outsiders?

What happens now to Outsiders? They’re not yet completely out of contention for The International 2022. They get to be part of the Last Chance Qualifier and it’s a difficult road ahead. They’ll be joined for now by Natus Vincere.

The Last Chance Qualifier has 12 teams participating, two teams from each region. Looking at the teams taking part in various qualifiers, the hurdle would have to be teams from China and Western Europe.

Western Europe has the likes of Team Liquid, Team Secret, and Nigma Galaxy. Meanwhile, China has Invictus Gaming, Vici Gaming, Royal Never Give Up, and Xtreme Gaming.


With Eastern Europe done, the next one to finish is South America, with the Grand Final scheduled later today. For other regions, the schedules are:

  • September 8 to September 12
    • North America
    • China
  • September 13 to September 17
    • Western Europe
    • Southeast Asia

Dota 2 is available on PC.

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