Dota 2 DPC 2021 Season 2: Why SEA's Fate Depend on the Final Match

That Aegis steal.
That Aegis steal. TNC

For the Dota 2 DPC 2021 Season 2, there’s only one match left. However, depending on what happens in that match, things may get even more interesting. That match is T1 versus OB Esports x Neon, and we’ll explain in a while why.

The SEA has three spots for the upcoming Major. So far, TNC Predator is guaranteed with one and the final placement depends on the match mentioned.

To get things started, here’s the current standings in the region:

  • TNC Predator: 5–2
  • T1: 4–2
  • Execration: 4–3
  • Fnatic: 4–3
  • OB Esports x Neon: 3–3

So let’s break it down. If T1 wins, they get into a tie-breaker match to determine who gets the playoffs position and the group stage placement. The final spot, which is the wild card position, is then fought over by Execration and Fnatic.

But if T1 loses, TNC is guaranteed the playoffs position for the Major. What’s possibly interesting is the fight for the group stage and wild card placements, and that's because you have four teams with a 4–3 standing. We may be looking at a four-way tie and more matches for everyone to enjoy.

So which one are we rooting for? Well T1 has been on a bit of a roll thus far. After losing two matches early, they have won three straight games beating TNC and even sweeping Fnatic. OB.Neon, on the other hand, had a good showing during the Singapore Major but part of this was due to Yang "Deth" Wu Heng as a stand-in. It hasn’t been doing as well compared to its performance in Season 1.

For this one, we’ll root for OB.Neon and the main reason is, of course, we want to see a four-way tie.

Other Regions

For other regions, it’s Europe that showed us an idea of who’s making an appearance in the Major. In Western Europe, Europe Alliance ended Season 2 strong and clinched the playoffs position as led Eastern Europe again.

In the Americas, the actual teams aren't confirmed though mostly the ones in Season 1 are likely to win this season.

In China, it’s also pretty much the same teams that are fighting for the spots. Hopefully, we get the results by the end of the week.

What about you? Enjoying Season 2 so far?

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