Dota 2 DPC 2021 Season 2: Alliance & VP Earned Playoff Spots for Upcoming Major

Getting that sweet spot.
Getting that sweet spot. Alliance

As the competition for Season 2 of the Dota 2 2021 DPC winds, we now have an idea of who’s getting those coveted spots in the upcoming WePlay AniMajor, and it’s pretty much set for the two European Regions. Today, we take a look at what’s happening for these regions.

Just in case some of you may have forgotten, the Europe region is now divided between Western and Eastern areas where the latter was previously called CIS.

Western Europe

Let’s start with Western Europe. Despite the coaching controversy, there’s no stopping Alliance as they clinched the top spot in the region and with it the playoffs position. The other three positions are still up for grabs and it’s a battle between five teams.

To give you an idea, here are the current standings of those teams:

  • Team Liquid: 4–2
  • Team Nigma: 4–2
  • Brame: 3–3
  • OG: 3–3
  • Team Secret: 3–3

Now here are the remaining matches:

  • May 18
    • Team Secret vs. Brame
    • Team Nigma vs. Tundra Esports
  • May 19
    • Team Liquid vs. OG

As you can see, many things can happen. First, on May 18, if Nigma wins, then they have a chance of making it to the Major.

But matter who wins in the first match, either team (Secret or Brame) gets a 4–3 standing. If OG wins against Liquid on May 19, Nigma will secure the Group Stage position with the remaining two slots to be fought over by three teams. Again, this is just one of the many possibilities.

Eastern Europe

Moving to Eastern Europe, it’s once again that got the top spot. Like what happened in Season 1, VP was undefeated. Unlike their Western counterparts, another team made the cut. Team Spirit makes its first Major appearance through the Group Stage, and the last spot is just as exciting.

Here are the current standings of those who have a chance for the remaining spot:

  • AS Monaco Gambit: 3–3
  • Natus Vincere: 3–3
  • Team Unique: 3–3

Now the remaining matches are:

  • May 20
    • Team Spirit vs. EXTREMUM
  • May 21
    • AS Monaco Gambit vs. Team Unique
    • Natus Vincere vs. PuckChamp

The May 20 match doesn’t have any bearing because Team Spirit already clinched a position in the Major and EXTREMUM has been eliminated and going to the Lower Division.

Whoever wins the first match on May 21 (ASM Gambit or Unique) gets a strong advantage. If Na’Vi wins their match, they will enter into a tiebreaker with whoever won the first match. If Na’Vi loses, then whoever won the first match officially joins the Major through the Wild Card Stage.

So what do you think? Which teams in Europe are going to the Major?

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