Dota 2 DPC 2021 Season 1: Keep an Eye Out for These Matches

Who's going to get first blood?
Who's going to get first blood? Valve

In just a few days, the first set of matches for the new DPC season begins. The different Dota 2 teams are more than ready to show who deserves to be at the top. However, unlike the previous years where we only get to see one big event, this time around it’s divided into several regions.

With six regions, that’s a lot of matches to watch. Don’t believe us? Think about it. Each region has eight teams in the Upper Division. That means at least four matches per region and with six of them, a total of 24 matches in the first week.

Not to worry since today we’re going to give you the rundown on the first set of matches. As a bonus, we’re also going to give you a heads-up on which one to look out for just in case you don’t have the time to go through everything.

Europe Region

Let’s start with the strongest region and see that their schedule is:

  • January 19
    • Team Liquid vs
    • mudgolems vs Team Secret
  • January 20
    • Alliance vs Team Nigma
  • January 23
    • Chicken Fighters vs OG
    • Team Liquid vs Team Nigma

What to Look Out For?

In this, we’re looking at two and they’re both on the third day. You’re probably thinking why Chicken Fighters vs OG? Isn’t OG just going to dominate? That’s the thing though. We want to see if, despite having a different roster, they’re still the two-time TI champions that they are.

We’re also interested in seeing the Liquid vs Nigma rivalry. It’s the old team versus the new one. Is Liquid going to continue their momentum or will Nigma become the victor?

CIS Region

Here are the initial matches in this region:

  • January 21
    • EXTREMUM vs Team Spirit
  • January 22
    • NoPangolier vs Natus Vincere
    • NoTechies vs Live to Win
  • January 24
    • Notechies vs Natus Vincere
    • vs Team Empire

What to Look Out For?

This one is a bit difficult but if we had to choose, it would be the VP vs Empire match. We want to see how good this new roster is.

North America Region

Over in North America, the scheduled first set of matches are:

  • January 19
    • Evil Geniuses vs 4 Zoomers
  • January 21
    • Undying vs A-Team
    • Black N Yellow vs 5ManMidas
  • January 24
    • Evil Geniuses vs SADBOYS
    • Quincy Crew vs 5MamMidas

What to Look Out For?

We’re excited about this region because right off the bat we get to see EG vs 4 Zoomers. With EG trying its luck in Europe last year, it was 4 Zoomers, along with Quincy Crew, that was pretty much dominating the region. It would be interesting to see if EG can maintain its domination.

South America Region

This region may be relatively new but it’s starting to build its own superstars and wonder teams. For the SA region, the schedule shows:

  • January 20
    • beastcoast vs EgoBoys
    • Omega Gaming vs SG e-sports
  • January 22
    • EgoBoys vs Latam Defenders
    • Infamous vs Thunder Predator
  • January 23
    • beastcoast vs Team Unknwon

What to Look Out For?

What else is there than to watch two of the top teams go head-to-head? We’re talking about Infamous vs Thunder Predator. Still, we’re interested to see how the other teams fare.

China Region

Ah yes, one of the most active regions in terms of esports teams. The matches for China’s Upper Division are:

  • January 19
    • Vici Gaming vs LBZS
    • EHOME vs Team MagMa
  • January 22
    • PSG.LGD vs LBZS
  • January 24
    • Elephant vs Invictus Gaming
    • PSG.LGD vs Aster

What to Look Out For?

There’s no question that the Elephant vs IG is the match to watch. Before the pandemic, IG has actually been doing well in competitions. The roster is pretty much what it was post TI-9. On the other hand, Elephant is a team that has some good veterans on its roster.

Southeast Asia Region

Last, but certainly not least, is Southeast Asia. This region has some teams that can be considered rather unpredictable. The schedule shows:

  • January 20
    • Fnatic vs T1
    • BOOM Esports vs Neon Esports
  • January 21
    • 496 gaming vs Vice Esports
  • January 23
    • TNC Predator vs Execration
    • Neon Esports vs 496 Gaming

What to Look Out For?

Like with North America, we’re very looking forward to the first match, which is Fnatic vs T1. It’s going to be their first formal match and a rematch of their fight during the BTS Pro Series Season 4. For those who can remember, T1 won that match 2–0.

So that’s it. What about you? Which matches are you excited to see?

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