Dorfromantik Winter Update Introduces Midwinter Biome

Time for some Winter fun.
Time for some Winter fun. Toukana Interactive

Dorfromantik received its latest update that introduces a new biome alongside new challenges and achievements. Also known as the Winter Update, Patch 0.4 delivers game changes and fixes.

The highlight of the new update is the new biome “Midwinter.” Right now, it’s unlocked for all players as part of the Steam Winter Event. Once this event is finished, it can be unlocked permanently by completing the Landscaper V Challenge.

Speaking of challenges, Patch 0.4 comes with new ones that have their own achievements. These are:

  • Challenge Puzzler VII
    • Place 250 consecutive tiles without connecting any incompatible edges.
  • Challenge Heavy Weight VII
    • Place 250 consecutive tiles without rotating a tile.
  • Challenge Landscaper V
    • Place down 4,000 tiles in total.

Patch Changes

Other changes that arrived with the new update are:

  • Localization
    • Updated German, French, Spanish, Latinamerican Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, Ukrainian and Arabic translations.
  • Performance
    • Started reworking handling of objects in memory.
      • This should lower RAM usage and loading times by up to 40% and improve general performance
  • Usability
    • Added biome configuration to enable or disable biomes in Classic mode.
    • Turned Creative mode configuration into an overlay instead of a menu page.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Preplaced Tiles no longer appear in Creative Mode.
    • Completed challenges now show their correct progress on their menu card and in-game icon.
    • Non-perfect lake edges no longer count toward puzzler challenge.

Dorfromantik is a building strategy and puzzle game where players place tiles and build village landscapes. The gameplay can be considered as rather relaxing with players starting with a stack of procedurally-generated tiles. One after the other, players draw the top tile of the stack and place it on one available slot. Through this process, everyone gets to form landscapes like forests, villages, or even water bodies. Players are rewarded with points based on how well the tiles fit. Those looking for a challenge should do their best to beat the high score.

Features of the game are:

  • Building endless and beautiful landscapes.
  • A unique mix of strategy and puzzle mechanics.
  • Relaxing and calming gameplay.
  • Idyllic village scenery.
  • Strategic placement to beat the high score.
  • High replay value - every session is different.
  • Many unlockable tiles and biomes.
  • Original Artstyle with hand-painted board game feel.

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