DOOM Eternal Update 6 Brings New Battlemode Map, Balancing Changes, and Bug Fixes

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DOOM Eternal received a major update yesterday, including the next-gen upgrade for new consoles. PC players can finally turn on ray tracing, assuming they have the required hardware. While a new Master Level was released and a login reward is available. However, that’s not all since Update 6 also made major changes to the multiplayer component of Eternal.

Corrosion ID Software

Battlemode just received a new Arena map called Corrosion. The new map contains several sections that provide for good mobility. The courtyard is in the middle and has many things that can give cover. The Red and Blue portals are available on both sides of the map. A couple of jump pads are present as well along with a swampy area in Catacombs.

Corrosion Sections
Corrosion Sections ID Software

The network performance of multiplayer has been improved which should result in fewer server hitches. The cooldown for the teleporter is increased from 10 to 15 seconds. Cooldown for some of the jump pads in Forsaken, Penance, and Celestial are added as well.

The update has also brought several balancing changes to Battlemode. We have highlighted some of the important changes below.

BATTLEMODE Balance Updates - All Platforms

  • The Slayer's Precision Bolt and Ballista do less damage at certain distances when used against Demon Players
  • Demon Players can now summon AI and place rad hazards and healing zones on the floating platforms in Tundra
  • On respawn, Demon Players are given Haste and deal half damage for 5 seconds (on top of their typical armored/damage reduction status effect)
  • Removed ability for healing zones to double stack and heal more
  • Increased Noxious Hazard damage from 12 to 15
  • Adjusted flame shield VFX to be more consistent with shield hitbox
  • Added invulnerability during teleport animation
  • Reworked Fire Specialist round upgrade to cause increased damage when the caster's projectile passes through the upgraded shield (indicated by a purple-ish colored shield & projectile)
  • Summoner Loadout name changed to Defensive
  • Replaced Shield Soldier with Maykr Drone in Defensive Loadout
  • Increased vertical ascension speed by 50% after a short delay for the jetpack
  • Remove Armored from Defensive loadout and replaced with Haste
  • Replaced Shield Soldier with Prowler in Defensive loadout
  • Added 50% damage reduction during Rocket Barrage attack
Replaced Acrobat with the new Sadist round upgrade
  • Primary fire deals 20% more damage and fires 25% faster at or below 30% of health
  • These rockets cause knockback and significant self-damage if detonated too close to the Revenant
  • Rocket Barrage should not trigger knockback
  • Replaced Shield Soldier with Carcass in Summoner loadout
  • Improved Mancubus smoke mortar concealing demon player outlines when inside the smoke
  • Updated Team Heal power upgrade to stack with the Bigger Bar round upgrade
  • Doubled health return per hit for Thieving Hand round upgrade

BATTLEMODE Updates - Consoles Only

  • Reduced starting cell ammo from 225 to 200 (now the same as on PC)
  • Reduced Super Shotgun damage cap to 900 against Demon Players (now the same as on PC)
  • Increased Super Shotgun per trace damage against Marauder & Revenant (dmg still capped at 900)
  • Reduced teleport cooldown by half a second
  • Added delay between smoke bomb mortar shots
  • Reduced cooldown on smoke bomb from 13 to 11 seconds
  • Increased Flamethrower range by 25%
  • Increased Pain Elemental shield duration by half a second (now the same as on PC)
  • Increased Rocket Barrage cooldown by 5 seconds (now the same as on PC)
  • Increased Rocket Barrage cooldown with Unstable Trigger upgrade by 15 seconds (now the same as on PC)
  • Increased self-damage taken from Rocket Barrage from 0.5x to 5x

BATTLEMODE Updates - PC Only

  • Increased damage reduction from demonic onslaught from 10% to 20%

You can read about them on the official site.

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