DOOM Eternal Update 6 Brings New Ballista Skin, Taras Nabad Master Level, and More

DOOM Eternal Update 6
DOOM Eternal Update 6 ID Software

DOOM Eternal Update 6 is now available and it brings new content, new features, minor changes to the campaign, and bug fixes. You also get a cool new login reward when you open the game.

Ballista Ray Tracing Skin
Ballista Ray Tracing Skin ID Software

By logging into the game, you will receive the unique Ray Tracer Ballista Skin for free. And yes, the skin actually supports ray tracing, meaning that it will change color depending on nearby lighting, and boy does it look pretty.

Taras Nabad Master Level
Taras Nabad Master Level ID Software

We finally received a new Master Level, this time for Taras Nabad level. You can complete this Master Level via several modes. You have access to your base four difficulty settings. On top of that, you can select Classic Mode where you start with only a shotgun and gain weapons as you progress. Extra Life difficulty and Ultra Nightmare difficulty are available as well for brave souls. Completing the level using different modes will grant you exclusive cosmetics rewards. The highlights are mentioned below.

Campaign Updates

General Gameplay
  • Ice Bombs now freeze the DOOM Hunter boss variants
  • Adjusted hit detection volume for Tentacle to be more accurate to what player sees, making it easier to hit
  • Reduced welcome message duration by 1 second
Difficulty Level Balance Adjustment
  • Chainsaw kills now refill 100% of player ammo on I’m Too Young to Die
  • Reduced projectile speed for the Archvile’s Rolling Fire attack on I’m Too Young to Die and Hurt Me Plenty
  • Reduced Carcass projectile and tracking speeds on I’m Too Young to Die and Hurt Me Plenty
  • Reduced speed of DOOM Hunter gatling gun and arm cannon projectiles on I’m Too Young to Die and Hurt Me Plenty
  • Reduced Whiplash projectile and tracking speeds on I’m Too Young to Die and Hurt Me Plenty
  • Added UI pop-up to remind players that they have unspent Sentinel Batteries
DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part One and Part Two
  • Lowered damage values for Blood Maykr cruciform and javelin attacks by 15%
  • Reduced the Plasma Rifle's Microwave Beam ammo cost to dispatch Spirits

The complete patch notes are available on the official site as well.

Update 6 is different from other updates for it also brought ray tracing support to PC and next-gen consoles. The next-gen upgrade is also live for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. You can read about the Battlemode changes over here.

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