Doom Eternal Lets You Raze Hell In Style With Doom Slayer Customization Options

DOOM Eternal Personalization
DOOM Eternal Personalization Video Game Reviews

Bethesda Softworks dropped a new trailer showing off all the different ways players can customize the Doom Slayer in Doom Eternal. Even though Doom Eternal is expected to test your demon-slaying skills to the fullest, you will be doing that while donning some amazing outfits.

Earlier, we had learned that Doom Eternal will allow players to customize their HUD, but now we also know that players can also customize the Slayer. Players can also capture some stunning pictures using Doom Eternal's Photo Mode. Additionally, players can also customize their playable demons in the Battlemode.

Bethesda has also revealed that players can get an exclusive Twitch Prime DOOMicorn Slayer Master Collection, which will only be available for a limited time. To grab this exclusive skin, all you need to do is link your Twitch account to your account. Then, you can claim the DOOMicorn Slayer Collection, player animations, and an upgradeable podium.

Check out the official Doom Slayer personalization trailer below:

About DOOM Eternal

Doom Eternal is an unrelenting first-person shooter that rewards players for playing aggressively, just like its predecessor, Doom 2016. However, players will also see major improvements over the previous game. Doom Eternal is said to be more challenging than Doom 2016 and there are also several new demon types.

If you're a big-time Doom fan, you will also see several classic demons including Cacodemons, Barons of Hell, Pain Elementals, Arch-Villes, Arachnotrons, Imps, and Revenants making their comeback in Doom Eternal.

Doom Eternal also adds new demon-slaying guns in the Slayer's arsenal. That said, familiar and fan-favorite weapons will also be included in the game with a few modifications.

Moreover, players will also be seeing an all-new invasion mode in Doom Eternal. This is a mode where other players can invade your game as demons. Players can also build slayer hunting parties to take you out.

Check out the official Doom Eternal trailer below:

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